As coaches, we ask our clients to reflect on what matters most and engage in thought-provoking conversations to help them access their own deeply ingrained wisdom.

The same is true when an organization commits to building a coaching culture. You ask people leaders, colleagues, peers and direct reports to be curious about creating new perspectives, possibilities and trust.  You embed coaching as a strategic business driver and critical talent management tool. You measure results and celebrate your successes.

All this contributes to your organizational wisdom—which is the essence of being CoachingWise.

There is now ICF research that attests to the importance of ‘starting somewhere and going everywhere’ when building and sustaining a coaching culture.

The Growing Edge

In Building a Coaching Culture (2014), ICF in partnership with Human Capital Institute, identified a growing movement among organizations to develop a coaching culture due to more companies realizing the advantages of such a strategy.

An earlier 2009 ICF Global coaching study also reported that coaching offers companies a significant return on investment, with a significant majority (86%) stating they had made back at least their initial investment through increased productivity as measured by improvements in:Donna excerpt

  • work performance (70%)
  • business management (61%)
  • time management (57%) and
  • team effectiveness (51%)

The growing edge then, is to inspire even more organizations to embed coaching into their DNA.

The challenge and the opportunity, is to help organizations to build a coaching culture which supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience in the face of growing complexity and uncertainty through creative and thought-provoking conversations.

CoachingWise cultures focus on who we are ‘being’ while we are ‘doing’

The value of CoachingWise also delivers benefits through authentic leaders who create the space for different kinds of conversations to take place; courageous conversations that that foster people to dare greatly, dig deep, and thrive.

Coaching transforms organizational cultures because coaching conversations are transformational.  Here’s what else organizations tell us they receive from being CoachingWise:

  1. a positive profile and ability to demonstrate a commitment to employees
  2. recruitment and retention advantages
  3. access to a diverse Community of Practice to support ongoing development:
    • Exchange best practice
    • Reflect on the perspectives of others
    • Develop trusted mentoring relationships
    • Share ideas to allow growth and mastery to flow
    • Where each member is considered an expert and a valuable contributor
  4. internal and external credibility as an organization that delivers results through coaching
  5. a source of pride as an employer of choice
  6. recognition from the International Coaching Federation

While the value and benefits of building a coaching culture are being experienced differently by each CoachingWise organization—because each CoachingWise journey is unique.

ICF is proud to be an advocate and partner in celebrating the work of internal and external coaches as you continue to build, embed and transform your organization’s culture through coaching.ICF-CoachingWise-NEW_RGB

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