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What is Coaching? Why it Works. What are the Benefits?
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Key Program Highlights

Welcome to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Vancouver Charter Chapter Coach-Giving Leadership Program for Non-Profit Organizations.


We are pleased to offer this Leadership Coaching initiative and congratulate your organization on taking this powerful step forward to enhance leadership competencies of your emerging and current leader(s) (hereinafter referred to as the “Coachee(s)”)!


Key Program Highlights:

> Up to 8 hours of Coachee-focused one-on-one coaching over 6 to 8-months.

> Coaching goals personalized to the Coachee and linked to the organizational objectives.

> The Manager of the Coachee supports coaching as a leadership development tool and agrees to the goals of the coaching engagement.


Pre-work for the coaching engagement includes:

1. Both Key Client Contact of the Organization and Coachee complete the ICF Vancouver Leadership Coaching – Pre-Program Questionnaire – Organizations and Leaders – to assess whether coaching is right at this time.

2. Coachee completes the Assessment to Identify Coaching Goals.

3. Coachee’s Manager reviews and approves the Assessment to Identify Coaching Goals.  Both Coachee and Key Client Contact confirm their approval of Coaching Goals.

4. Coachee interviews 3 potential ICF Vancouver affiliated credentialed Coaches using How Do I Select a Coach document before selecting the best fit.

5. Coachee enters into a Coach-Coachee Coaching Service Agreement-2018 with his/her Coach.

6. Coachee shares his/her approved Assessment to Identify Coaching Goals with the Coach.

7. Coaching begins!

8. Post-Coaching Feedback Survey to be sent via Survey Monkey to both the Coach and the Coachee to measure the success of the ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter Coach-Giving Leadership Program.


What is Coaching?  Why it Works.  What are the Benefits?

Welcome to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Vancouver Charter Chapter Coach-Giving Leadership Program for Non-Profit Organizations.  We are pleased to offer this Leadership Coaching initiative and congratulate you on taking this powerful step forward to enhance your leadership effectiveness!

What is Coaching?

ICF defines Coaching as partnering with a Coachee in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Coachee to maximize his/her personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.


The Coach honors the Coachee as the expert in his/her life and work, and believes every Coachee is creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, the Coach’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the Coachee wants to achieve.
  • Encourage Coachee self-discovery.
  • Elicit Coachee-generated solutions and strategies.
  • Hold the Coachee responsible and accountable.


This process helps Coachees to dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while enhancing their leadership competencies and unlocking their yet to be realized potential.

Why Coaching works?

Coaching works because it brings out your best. A Coach believes you can create your own best solutions and is educated and skilled to support you in that process.

What do Coaches do?

Ask questions.  Coaches ask powerful questions that encourage you to think differently. By asking the right questions, you have the opportunity to find your own best answers.

Listen deeply.  You are the focus. Coaches listen to what you say, what you are trying to say, and what you are not saying.

Provide feedback.  From time-to-time we are not aware of the impact our beliefs, actions, or our words have on ourselves or others. Coaches can help you clearly appreciate your impact.

Create accountability.  Coaches believe that you are fully responsible for your own success. You are supported to discover your own solutions and to take purposeful actions toward your goals.

Acknowledge progress.  A Coach provides encouragement, compassion and acknowledgement. It takes a lot of work to achieve goals and sustain their effects for the long-term. Coaches understand that and acknowledge the effort you make, even when you might not recognize it yourself.


Catherine Gordon

Catherine Gordon

HR Director, David Suzuki Foundation

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Marianne Lowe

Marianne Lowe

HR Director, Rick Hansen Institute

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A Personal Invitation to Participate and Make a Difference


This year, non-profit organizations continue to knock on our door. The ICF Vancouver Coach Giving Program remains a popular opportunity — previous years’ participants have shared their coaching success stories with colleagues and other organizations, we are what they want!


Will you consider joining us – first timers and returning Coaches?


Committed to providing a positive experience, the Coach Giving team welcomes returning organizations and we are excited by (quite a number of) new enrollees but mostly we are eager to get clients matched with Coaches.


Seize the moment and ACT NOW!


Interested credentialed Coaches (ACC, PCC, MCC), please email us @


With best regards,

Sunaina Sharma, MSc, PhD, LLB, LLM, ICF PCC
Director, Coach-Giving Leadership Portfolio
ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter

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