How We are Advancing the Future of Coaching

How satisfied are you with your coaching journey?


Have you set goals to advance yourself professionally or are you treading water in a pool of status quo?


Where are you drawing your fuel that keeps you jazzed to continue to do that which inspired you to embark a career as a professional coach?


As the third largest Chapter in Canada, ICF Vancouver is committed to advancing the future of coaching by focusing on what matters most to you and your personal and professional development as a coach. Whether you are an external coach (working as a solopreneur or member of a coaching firm), an internal coach (supporting managers, leaders and teams) or both – our commitment is to help you achieve your goals.


We believe the best way for this to happen is to create meaningful Chapter activities and programming designed to help- you develop the practice of coaching at whatever stage of your coaching journey.  Specifically, this means:

>>Professional Development (with CCE credits)
>>Mentorship opportunities (to improve skill set and assist in credentialing requirement)
>>Networking events (to build coaching related relationships and community)

All this is in service of advancing your personal development, practice and world – as we collectively Advance the Future of Coaching.


The Wisdom in The Room Series
At least 4 times a year we will gather as a Chapter and hold these events at the Vancouver Club. The purpose has changed to inspire forward thinking into possibilities.  Expect to become informed as to how coaching can exceed the needs for you, your practice and your world.  Registration costs will remain the same.  Upcoming event on September 12th.  Register here.


Book Club
In the elementary stages…themed Advancing the Future of Coaching, we are asking members to provide us with titles.  Books/articles/research papers which resonate (and motivate) your, your clients, your colleagues.  Interested in facilitating a Book club meeting?  Please contact Helene, Program Director.


Virtual Learning Labs
A variety of webinars will be offered monthly and at varying times.  These learning opportunities will provide you with convenience to learn and earn CCE credits wherever you are.  Building a library of recordings is our focus as we Advance the Future of Coaching, would you be interested in presenting? Please complete the Presenter Proposal.
Upcoming webinars on September 12 – Register here.  AND September 13 – Register here.


Coaches Café
These have been a tremendous success and it has been evident from the surveys completed by attendees how important and appreciated building community among coaches in multiple communities has been.   The lively conversations were exhilarating and we have planned for 9 more.  Earning CCE credits became a bonus!  We have been asked to expand beyond Surrey, Vancouver, North Vancouver and Squamish.  Providing Chapter members with the opportunity to facilitate – care to host in your neck of the woods?  New pricing options for CCE credit credits are effective September 26th.


The ICF Vancouver Chapter Mentor Pool
Planned to develop a local pool of coaches, who can assist with the requirements for ICF credential renewals.  Members mentor members.  Interested?  Please contact Helene, Program Director


Special Event Learning
A “special” annual event, planned to create opportunities that generate buzz in the coaching community.  Celebrating, educating and transforming.  Details as they unfold…