Coaches Engage

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Thank you for your interest in the Coaches Engage Program

Welcome to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Vancouver Charter Chapter Coach Giving Leadership Program for Non-Profit Organizations.

We are pleased to offer this Leadership Coaching initiative and congratulate your organization on taking this powerful step forward to accelerate leadership awareness, development and effectiveness of your emerging and current leader(s) (hereinafter referred to as the “Coachee(s)”)!

About Coaches Engage

Reasons to be a Group Facilitator/Leader?
  • To play a key role in paying it forward – proactively support the vision of ICF Vancouver and ICF Global and help other Coaches to make a difference.
  • Create a space for personal reflection.
  • Learn and raise your own game through personal and professional growth.
  • Credentialing potential.
  • Share expertise and special interests

CCE credits:

We understand there are two main types – earn credits towards your next credential level, or to renew your current level through either:

  • Core competency CCE credits
  • Resource development CCE credits
Responsibilities of a Group Facilitator:
  1. The Leader’s role is to help execute a valuable learning session and encourage collaboration.
  2. Inspire and foster a consistently respectful and safe environment for members to share ideas and learn.
  3. Facilitate as much discussion and knowledge-sharing as possible, and to keep the meeting on task, on time and to encourage participation from every member.

Enjoy the sessions and lead by example; promote the goal of the group which is continuous personal and professional growth.

CoachingWise Designation

CoachingWise is a designation recognizing commitment to build and sustain a coaching culture through organizational and leadership beliefs and practices that reflect coaching as a strategic business driver.