Coaches Engage

Coaching brings us together; shared interests keep us ENGAGED!

We are inviting all Coaches (and Coaching enthusiasts) – Internal, External – whatever your genre, experience, accreditation or motivation to this networking event, to share expertise and interests.

ENGAGING our members at monthly Chapter meetings, going forward.

It is our plan to endorse Core Competency topics and invite ICF members and affiliates to Lead and Facilitate groups – across Metro Vancouver.

Reasons to be a Group Facilitator/Leader?

To play a key role in paying it forward – proactively support the vision of ICF Vancouver and ICF Global and help other Coaches to make a difference
Create a space for personal reflection
Learn and raise your own game through personal and professional growth
Credentialing potential
Share expertise and special interests


We understand there are two main types – earn credits towards your next credential level, or to renew your current level through either:

· Core competency CCEUs
· Resource development CCEUs

Responsibilities of a Group Facilitator

1. The Leader’s role is to help execute a valuable learning session and encourage collaboration.
2. Inspire and foster a consistently respectful and safe environment for members to share ideas and learn.
3. Facilitate as much discussion and knowledge-sharing as possible, and to keep the meeting on task, on time and to encourage participation from every member.

Enjoy the sessions and lead by example; promote the goal of the group which is continuous personal and professional growth.

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