Rick Hansen Testimonial

Marianne Lowe, Director, Human Resources, Rick Hansen Institute & Rick Hansen Foundation


What attracted you the Coach-Giving Leadership program?

As a non-profit organization, we don’t have a large professional development budget and the Coach Giving Program presented us with a fantastic opportunity to help develop our people.


I was impressed by the fact that so many ICF members were interested in participating. Through the Coach Giving Program, they have provided the non-profit community of the Lower Mainland with a highly skilled and experienced roster of executive coaches who are committed to giving back.


What is one highlight that you or one of your leaders experienced that you would like to share?

Following is feedback from some of our employees who went through the Coach Giving Program over the past couple of years:


I highly recommend the ICF Coaching Giving Program. As a fundraising professional, the coaching sessions are moving me to “the next level” in my development by helping me gain greater insights and formulate concrete steps to move my program’s objectives forward in a growing (and changing) organization.


I would definitely say it has been a positive experience for me so far. It has allowed me both the time and facilitated support to explore some of the leadership questions and challenges I have had in order to develop tangible plans for improvement. I believe it is helping me to provide better leadership to our clinical group.


Alfred has been a superstar coach for me. It’s definitely been a partnership. He’s been steering the proces‎s and it has been transformative getting me from stuck to unstuck.


My experience was a positive one. I think that it worked for me because I had the 360 evaluation done against which the coaching occurred. Had I not done the 360, I may have asked for coaching in areas that may not have the most impactful.


The coach was excellent and appeared to understand my needs. She provided practical solutions to areas of improvement that were identified in the 360. I think that overall, the experience has made me not only more conscious of my strengths but also of my limitations and how to improve or mitigate them. Overall, the coaching has made me more confident in what I do at RHI.


It was generally a positive experience to work through my own goals. The coach was very open to tailoring the sessions to ensure they were useful. By working with the coach I made some changes to my own work and team dynamics, which was very positive.


I would say that I found it to be an exceptional experience. My coach was excellent. We worked together for several months and she helped me create a concrete learning plan and we walked through learnings every few weeks so I could build on skills as we went.


She shared some wonderful resources and helped me create connections with other leaders in the community. It was very worthwhile and I felt very fortunate to benefit from this program.


The Coach Giving Program was amazing as it allows those of us in the not for profit world to access this kind of valuable professional development opportunity. I was very appreciative of being given this opportunity.


What impact did you notice on your leaders who participated?

To date, we have offered 9 of our employees the experience of having multiple sessions with a personal coach, something we would never have been able to do if it weren’t for the Coach Giving Program through ICF’s Vancouver Chapter.


As a result of their coaching experience, I would say that our leaders are very appreciative, more self-aware and open to looking at things differently.


What would you like to say to organizations that are committed to leadership development?

Coaching is an experience that is unique to the individual being coached. It is tailored to that person’s requirements so it is very powerful. It may be the only time a leader has the opportunity to focus solely on their own development given the usual time constraints and responsibilities of leading teams within an organization.