David Suzuki Testimonial

Catherine Gordon, HR Director, David Suzuki Foundation


What attracted you to the Coach-Giving Leadership program?


I am fortunate that my organization understands and appreciates a coaching culture.  This program removed the barriers related to finance and implementation.  Due to their partnership we have been empowered to offer the opportunity of executive coaching to our staff.


What is one highlight that you or one of your leaders experienced that you would like to share?


In our annual employee engagement survey we saw that the questions people answered in relation to their managers were starting to increase in levels of satisfaction and comments were referencing the coaching program.


What impact did you notice on your leaders who participated?


They felt more confident in dealing with potential issues and to address those with staff proactively.


What would you like to say to organizations that are committed to leadership development?


I highly recommend the Coach-Giving Leadership program. It empowers the entire organization at every level to create more productive, positive, professional working relationships. I have a waiting list of employees who want to receive coaching because of the impact they have seen it have on colleagues.   Staff have expressed how grateful they are to have these opportunities at our Foundation.