PRISM Testimonials


“The Prism award application is an excellent process to bring into focus what the client has achieved.  Our over -worked, super -busy working culture doesn’t normally invest much effort in summarizing ground covered.  Assessing the changes demonstrated by those who have been coached, not just from the coachee’s perspective but from the team’s measures, is an absolutely critical component.

Organizations these days’ demand to see measured numeric differences in behaviours, competencies and effectiveness, not just anecdotes that the coaching was immensely enjoyable (but the coachee still isn’t doing their job!).   If this application can help a coach to build in 3 and 6 month follow up metrics, then the Prism application is providing not just motivation and accountability, but better design to the coaching methodology!

For me, the best part was the cohesiveness, pride and perspective the coach and stakeholders gain from applying to this wonderful award. Prism is very valuable.  Obviously if one wins, all the better!   Don’t delay, apply today!”


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PHOTO: Molly Edge, Carollyne Conlinn, Sue Drinnan, Anne Siewertsen, Michael Jahraus, Marjorie Busse. 








“The best thing about the awards ceremony was hearing from the managers (end-clients) the specific results of the coaching. How it helped their people and teams be more effective. I also liked hearing about the different ways it was packaged and rolled out and I left inspired with lots of ideas on how I could do it at my company.”



“Going through the Prism Award process was very powerful. To develop my application, I sat down with my corporate client team and interviewed them about the impact of the coaching. What they said was both humbling and inspiring. I knew coaching was powerful…but I didn’t realize it was THAT powerful.

To hear my clients tell me how much of an impact it has had on them as individual leaders and a management team as a whole, was eye-opening. And, I now have a case study that supports the strength and impact of coaching that I can use with other clients too”.




PHOTO: Carollyne Conlinn presenting PRISM to Katie Bennett and Phil Edgell – Long View Systems





“It was a real honour to be selected as an ICF award recipient in 2013.  As coaches, we typically work in the background, so to be up front and recognized by your peers, at such a prestigious event, was a highlight in my coaching career.  Attending the ICF awards ceremony itself was something I would heartily recommend. Hearing examples of the amazing impact coaching can have on individuals and organizations was truly inspiring.”



“Attending last year’s Gala was another example of the great and expanding community of coaches that we have here in Vancouver, and the hard work they do. The ICF organized an outstanding event, in an amazing location with all the bells and whistles.

It is always inspiring being in the presence of the people who are making a change in our world with the power of coaching, one client at a time. Seeing them being acknowledged for their commitment and dedication to their work not only with individuals but also Corporations – an event that really strengthens our sense of community. It makes me proud to be part of the ICF Vancouver Chapter and I am full of gratitude for the work they perform on our behalf. This is a no miss event!”