Presenter Proposal

The following material will help you gain familiarity with the application process prior to completing the ICF-Vancouver-Presenter-Proposal

Presenter Benefits
ICF Vancouver provides Presenters with the opportunity to:
– Build their presenter and professional portfolio
– Network with others in the coaching community
– Engage in a collaborative learning experience in which both Presenters and participants benefit
– Contribute to the coaching community and the development, promotion and advancement of the coaching profession.

 Presentation Opportunities and Dates

In-person Chapter meetings which take place every second Tuesday of the month from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm at the Vancouver Club (September to May), with 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of the meeting time being allocated to the presentation.


Webinars?  These are presented on a Zoom platform and are 60 – 90 minutes in length, with several opportunities monthly (September to June).  Preferred times are for our Lunch & Learn (11:00am – 1:00 pm) or evening (6:00 – 8:00pm).

ICF Vancouver is collaborating with other Western Chapters, so depending on their needs, your presentation may be shared.  All webinars are recorded as a future resource.

Presenter Eligibility Requirements
To be selected, as a Presenter we request that you:
– Have or be eligible for an ICF Credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)
– Have a post-secondary degree or Coaching credential
– Are a practicing coach or have an in-depth understanding of the coaching profession
– Have a pre-established marketing platform and marketing reach
– Have a pre-existing track record of delivering interactive workshops to a group of 85+ people with consistently positive reviews
– Can verify you have the proper qualifications and background to present on the proposed topic
– We ask that all presentations support the Chapter’s current theme: Advancing the Future of Coaching such as:
*A topic/area of expertise that is relevant for coaches: ie., developing coaching competencies and/or building a successful coaching business
*Inspirational / motivational presentations
– Can clearly and specifically articulate the learning outcomes of the session – ie., by the end of the session, participants will…
– Are fluent in English

Related Content
The ICF Vancouver Chapter is a community of Coaching professionals who are passionate about ongoing growth and development. A presenter’s content must be related to ICF Core Competencies, as well as help practicing coaches build a fulfilling, ethical and profitable practice as we Advance the Future of Coaching.


Helpful Tips for Proposed Content
– All proposals must have relevance to Advancing the Future of Coaching
– Address a hot topic, current challenge or trend
– Be interactive and engaging, with opportunity for group discussion and Q&A
– Emphasize the ongoing growth and professional development of the Coach
– Offer strategies and tools with real-life examples, case studies and practical exercises
– Consider the current state of the economy and its possible impact on the coaching profession
– Address at least some of the categories.  Preference will be given to proposals that fit multiple categories:
* Personal development of the coach
* Business development and marketing
* Other skills and tools directly applicable to Coaching
* ICF Coaching Core Competencies

Specific Proposal Inclusions
Title and overview (about 200 words)
Learning objectives (3-6 SMART goals)
Strategies and tools (3-6 tools or strategies participants will practice with or take away)
Target audience description and level (emerging, mid-level, or senior)
How you envision your presentation supports:
– Our theme: Advancing theFuture of Coaching
– Our format: the coach, their practice and/or their community
Your preferred format – in person, online webinar
Equipment and support required from ICF
Presenter name(s), contact information and bio(s) (about 280 words)
Qualification summary(s) (including education, designations, awards, and publications)
References/testimonials – two or three references/testimonials that attest to your expertise on the proposed topic and your presentation style/skills
Please include if available: A link to a short video (approximately 10 minutes) of you presenting some of your material


Presenter Proposal Application – to be downloaded

When you have gathered your information, please download and complete the ICF-Vancouver-Presenter-Proposal  and once completed forward a copy to Helene Iliffe, Director of Programs


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