Membership Renewal – what’s in it for you?


It’s here again.  Renewal Time.  $245 US Dollars.  And the exchange rate – ouch!  So, what is the value to you, as a member, of spending your Canadian Dollars on ICF Membership?  Well as it happens, lots!

So I pay my money to ICF Global, but I’m a member of Vancouver Chapter, right?  

Well, not quite.  Yes, you pay your money to ICF Global and become a member of the Global Family, but you must select Vancouver Chapter as your Affiliate Chapter, then you are associated with the Vancouver Chapter too.  It is a partnership.   Once you have selected Vancouver as your Chapter Partner you get more benefits than just those offered by Global.

Let’s explore more.

ICF Global. What do you want to get out of ICF Global?:

Blogging?  ✔You bet.  As a  member you can be a guest blogger you can reach a global audience of 30,000 members.


Research?  ✔You Bet.  Your Global fee funds research that we have access to through membership.


Business Development?  ✔You bet. Your Global membership offers you discounts, programs, material to help you grow your business.


Communities of Practice?  ✔You bet.  Your Global membership offers you opportunities to participate in global coaching discussions.


Continuing Education?  ✔You bet.


Professional Standards? ✔You bet.  Your Global fee supports ICF’s goal of supporting us, coaches, to be credible professionals.


ICF Vancouver.  What do you want to get out of ICF Vancouver?


Discounts?  ✔You bet.  As an ICF Global member and an ICF Vancouver affiliate you get reduced rates at our Chapter Meetings.


Networking?  ✔You bet.  Come to our Chapter Meetings or our Coaching Cafes and network with your peers.


Innovation?  ✔You bet.  ICF Vancouver is a leading Chapter, building the community of coaching and growing the awareness of the culture of coaching.  CoachingWise and Coach Giving are both Vancouver ‘firsts’.


Continuing Education?  ✔Our Chapter Meetings, our Coaching Cafes, our webinars all offer you education credits.


Check out your or and deep dive in to the opportunities that are there for you.


We look forward to welcoming you to our ICF Vancouver Chapter in 2017.


Renew Now.  Invest in YOU.

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