Member Spotlight – Sunaina Sharma


“But really, my aha moment is when I inspire my clients to fall in love with their lives!” – Sunaina Sharma


Name: Sunaina Sharma


Coaching Specialization: Catalyzing organizational effectiveness, strategy, leadership & engagement through innovation & meaningful growth in academia, healthcare, public and not-for-profit sectors is in my DNA. But really, my aha moment is when I inspire my clients to fall in love with their lives!


Coach Training Program: A self-described learning junkie, I hold numerous certifications in leadership, coaching, organizational development, design thinking, curriculum development, facilitation, neuroplasticity.


Why you became a coach: When I finally realized that I hustled hard shouldn’t be my legacy – and after learning I had an advanced rare form of cancer. During this evolution, I realize I have a great ability to inspire people to turn their obstacles into opportunities by embracing more empowering beliefs, actualizing their highest aspirations of themselves & their future.


Favourite coaching book: Iain McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary.


Worst job ever: All are a learning opportunity.


Your happy place: Making a difference!


Punctuation mark that best represents your personality and why? “&” – always exploring


3 words friends would use to describe you: Brilliant, Creative, Passionate


Advice to a new coach: Know yourself!


Anything else you want us to know about you: Life is a bowl of cherries, while the pits might appear to get in the way of the delicious fruit, if you plant those pits, they will grow into beautiful fragrant cherry trees. I am that cultivator who levels your field, empowering you to plant those cherry trees for you to relish and share!


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