Member Spotlight – Karen Flynn


“I loved and valued [my coach’s] gift so much that I looked into becoming a coach myself to give that to others” – Karen Flynn


Name:  Karen Flynn, ACC


Coaching Specialization:  High impact coach for immigrant professionals who face uncertainty, discomfort and loneliness in their new lives; I spent over 20 yrs living/working in the Caribbean, Asia and the UK, adapting and raising my daughter through life-changing experiences. My clients are from diverse cultural backgrounds and I encourage them to be brave in pursuing professional & personal growth.


Coach Training Program:  CTI


Why you became a coach:  Fell into it; I spoke with a coach in England after I sold my communications agency (I had moved from Singapore to London). I feared the words “empty nester” and “retirement” and was looking for a meaningful second chapter! I loved and valued her gift so much that I looked into becoming a coach myself to give that to others.


Favourite coaching book:  Go Beyond Resilience, Find your GRIT: a special book written from my heart, celebrating my first half-century and all my failures & successes.


Your happy place:  On a hiking trail with my beautiful dog Tigger (12 years young).


Punctuation mark that best represents your personality and why?  The exclamation for sure! I punch things home!!


3 words friends would use to describe you: Powerful, generous, maverick


Advice to a new coach:  Practice: coach people from diverse backgrounds and situations. Don’t be in a hurry to “find your niche”. It will evolve as surely as you will as a coach.


Anything else you want us to know about you: I am seriously intolerant of conscious ignorance.


Karen’s website:

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