Member Spotlight – Jerome Dickey


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” –  Dr.Seuss



Name: Jerome Dickey


Coaching Specialization: Empowering Leaders, Business, Groups, and Teams, to bring individual and collective thinking together, elevating organizations success through strategic delivery of goals and capacity building for growth, learning and continuous change.


Coach Training Program: UBC’s Certificate in Organizational Coaching


Why you became a coach: To enhance both my own communications skills and to support the capacity of others to engage in generative thinking, learning and reflection for personal growth. It’s wonderful to watch insights emerge in clients who see new perspectives and paths to success. Changing the world one conversation at a time truly does make a difference!


Favourite coaching book: Most recently it’s, ‘Your Oxygen Mask First’ by Kevin Lawrence, which describes seventeen habits to help high achievers survive and thrive in leadership and life. A short read, it’s simple and concise, with key points to reflect upon and stories to highlight some key insights.


Your happy place: Anywhere near water. Ideally relaxing at the beach or floating down a river on a hot summer day; water is always moving, reminding me life is always in a state of continuous change with new opportunities every day.


Punctuation mark that best represents your personality and why?  A question mark (?) representing curiosity. It’s a core value for me and is likely why coaching seems like such a natural activity. My father was a great role model in helping me develop question focused thinking by forcing me to consider alternative perspectives with the news headlines of world events.


3 words friends would use to describe you:  Authentic, Focused, Positive


Advice to a new coach: Learn, learn, learn. Seek out new perspectives and experiences from other coaches, try new tools and approaches, be yourself. Be careful of promoted coaching paradigms which limit the art of coaching to evolve in the presence of client relationships. Coaching is a journey of continuous learning as each client is unique; enjoy the journey.


Anything else you want us to know about you:

I’m a Certified DISC Coach and Mediator. I recently completed a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership which has further enhanced my coaching approach and capacity for positive change.


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