Member Spotlight – Isabeau Iqbal


“I care about people and love to help others.” – Isabeau Iqbal


Name: Isabeau IQBAL


Coaching Niche/Specialization: Higher education professionals (Career and life coaching)


Coach Training Program: Coach Training EDU (Portland); Gallup Strengths Coach


Why you became a coach: I care about people and love to help others.


Favourite coaching book or tool: Listening! (as a tool I use with clients). I also listen to coaching podcasts for professional growth. My entry into coaching was via “StrengthsFinder” (the CliftonStrengths Assessment) and I find that a powerful tool for self-awareness.


Worst job/gig ever: Worst job was hotel banquet server because I couldn’t carry the trays with poise—even when they weren’t heavy!


Your happy place: Being with my two teenagers anyplace, especially each of us reading on the couch!  And, equally wonderful, but less frequent: Hiking in alpine meadow with flowers in bloom on a sunny day.


Punctuation mark that best represents your personality and why?: The asterisk because (1) the meaning (“little star”) reminds me to pay attention to the little light inside and (2) it indicates there’s more…and I like to think there’s always more to each of us.


3 words friends would use to describe you: thoughtful, curious, caring


Advice you’d give a new coach: (this is advice I give myself!) Try things, meet people, keep learning.


Anything else you want us to know about you: I look forward to being part of the ICF Vancouver Community and to meeting you!


Connect with Isabeau:


Phone: 604.842.2821



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