Member Spotlight – Catherine North


“I LOVE supporting others to achieve their goals and dreams! It’s the best feeling!” – Catherine North


Name: Catherine North


Coaching Niche/Specialization: Abrasive Leaders, Workplace Resilience, Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace


Coach Training Program: Comprehensive Evidence-Based Coaching (Fielding Graduate University) and Science & Practice of Coaching Abrasive Leaders (Boss Whispering Institute)


Why you became a coach: I LOVE supporting others to achieve their goals and dreams! It’s the best feeling!


Favourite coaching book or tool: “Values Shift: A Guide to Personal and Organizational Transformation” by Brian P. Hall


Worst job/gig ever: A workplace where policies were absent, procedures were open to interpretation. Employees struggled to execute conflicting demands under inconsistent and manipulative management. Employee anxiety increased as workplace trust and support decreased.


Your happy place: Rollerblading!


Punctuation mark that best represents your personality and why: The period. It is versatile, decisive, and integral to a host of essential functions.:;÷…!


3 words friends would use to describe you: caring, passionate, resilient


Advice you’d give a new coach: Expand your use of evidence-based models & theories by attending webinars and other online skill-development opportunities. Continue with pro bono and peer coaching.


Connect with Catherine:

Website: Catherine North Consulting & Coaching

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