Kerri Elmore CEC PCC had the opportunity to engage with ICF Vancouver’s 2014 PRISM Award Winner, Jennifer Gervès-Keen MA, PCC to learn more about her PRISM experience and the valuable insights that were gained throughout the PRISM Nomination and Award process.


When asked about her experience with PRISM, Jennifer enthusiastically shared “this was a real career highlight for me!” –  A noteworthy statement given the depth of experiences and achievements that Jennifer has encountered through her career.


Jennifer shared that she had been working with Deloitte since 2009 and the organization had shifted to coaching the person not the problem.  The coaching for Deloitte began at the senior leadership level and as a result achieved buy in from the partners, with the partners asking to be a part of the coaching program.


Jennifer explained that the decision to apply for a PRISM was later in the nomination period and reflects that, in retrospect, they could have applied earlier.

“The questions in the application were thought provoking.  You don’t really know what your client thinks of you

until you ask them to fill in the form.  That was an emotional hit even more than the award.

You really get to see the impact you are having – It’s powerful stuff when you see the words in writing”.


As they starting working on the nomination process there were some surprises that came up.  Firstly how magic can happen when a true partnership between an organization and an Executive Coach exists.  Jennifer shared that the PRISM process validated the impact of the ‘ripple effect’ that coaching has; by one behavioural change that stems from coaching allows the ripple effect to flow through the numerous interpersonal relationships within the workplace.  This ripple effect also began a mental shift within the culture of ‘If he can do it, then I can do it’.


Journeying through the PRISM nomination process and in winning the award, Jennifer was able to reflect on her value as a coach and what she can bring to both individuals and organizations, and through this process was able to clearly see and articulate how her relationships at Deloitte had grown during their partnership.


When asked what it was like to win, Jennifer was humbled by the enormity of recognition from her peer group and noted that her network of ICF members were incredibly supportive through the process.  On the night of the PRISM Award Event, Jennifer gathered together with Deloitte leaders from Vancouver along with a senior leader from Toronto and was thrilled for the announcement that they had won.  “To be there together to receive the award was so impactful”.


Jennifer goes on to say that the internal recognition across the country for Deloitte helped to build momentum for the program, which is still in place today.


Her words of wisdom to those coaches who are thinking of nominating for the PRISM or Coach Impact Award included:

* Become clear on the systems you have put in place

* Show how the coaching process is sustainable

* Demonstrate the tools utilized in building a coaching culture

* Share the progress of how the coaching has evolved

* Tell stories and bring the coaching experience to life

* Track and build your records

* Be ready to articulate and show how coaching has impacted the organization.


Jennifer also shared that winning the PRISM Award also was a boost to her brand and she now is able to introduce herself to future clients as an award-winning coach, an emphasis to her already credible reputation as an Executive Coach.


Lastly, Jennifer noted the affirmation that came with the winning of the PRISM Award,  “You really get to see how you are making a difference in the marketplace”.



Jennifer Gervès-Keen, MA, PCC is a recipient of the 2014 ICF Prism Award for excellence in organizational coaching for her work on offering exceptional learning and development experiences within organizations.


Jennifer’s areas of expertise include executive and leadership coaching, training, strategic planning, organizational development, and developing effective adult learning programs. Jennifer holds a Master’s in Adult Learning from the U.K., and a BA in History from the University of Victoria. She spent 12 years living and working in France, and is fluent in French.


Having recently successfully completed the Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute, Jennifer is also a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She is passionate about moving people and organizations forward, and hopes to revolutionize the way we learn within our organizations in the near future.


To learn more about Jennifer, visit her website at

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