Tuesday, May 17th at 12:00pm PDT with Jason Jones, CEC
The Business of Coaching: Adaptive Selling Skills for Coaches

Coaches will never leave a networking event without a sales meeting again.

Does networking feel like a waste of time? Do you meet a lot of interesting people who need what you are selling and don’t express interest when you tell them what you do? You know people are in need of what you offer and yet you don’t seem to be making the connection.

In this 60-minute webinar Communication and Sales Coach Jason Jones will show you what is missing in your conversations. He will share why people don’t see themselves working with you when you talk and how to change your approach so they do. During this value packed session you will learn what to say to pique others curiosity and have them asking you for more information. You will discover the questions to ask to know when it’s time to invite someone to a sales conversation.

These methods are tested, proven and easy to learn. One of our clients describes their experience after practicing Adaptive Conversation methods, “It feels like a natural conversation with friends as I walk through the discovery process and identify their struggles and how my services would help them.” In this highly interactive coached session you will learn:

  • How to intrigue others in your work
  • How to speak so people can see themselves working with you
  • How to easily and comfortably invite someone to a sales meeting
  • How to offer your services in a way that communicates like an opportunity
  • How an adaptive approach to your conversations attracts new business

1.0 Resource Development CCEs

Tuesday, May 17th at 4:00pm PDT with Kris McCLeary, ACC, CEC
The Business of Coaching: Growing a Coaching Business

In this session you will learn the skills that will help you design a successful, sustainable and enjoyable coaching business.

  • The key elements of being a successful entrepreneur
  • Best practice for running and growing your business
  • How to organize and pay attention to your business
  • How to stay motivated

1.0 Resource Development CCEs

Wednesday, May 18th at 12:00pm with Hilary Ewart, CEC, PCC
Coaching Skills: Assessment Tools

Identify assessments and simple coaching tools that you can easily incorporate into your coaching practice.

Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of:

  • An evidence-based coach approach
  • The importance of validity and reliability
  • The value of using assessments in your coaching practice
  • How to select a suitable assessment for you and your client

1.0 CCE credits (0.25 Core + 0.75 Resource Development)

Wednesday, May 18th at 5:00pm PDT with Laura Simmons, CEC. PCC
Coaching Skills: Team Coaching

In this session participants will learn;

  • The key factors of a team
  • The difference between individual and team coaching
  • The different hats team coaches must wear
  • Where team coaching is most effective and ineffective
  • Tools to help team coaches

1.5 CCE credits (1.0 Core + 0.75 Resource Development)

Thursday, May 19th at 12:00pm PDT with Kat Knecht, CPCC, PCC
The Business of Coaching: Marketing Skills

In this webinar you will get the big picture view of the essential elements of a successful coaching business.

Broken down into bite size understandable elements you will be able to see what stage your business is in, what it needs, what you want and how to take the right next steps toward the vision you have for your coaching career.


  • You will walk away with an overview of what it takes create and sustain a successful coaching business
  • You will be able to identify the stage of business you are in and why that is important to know
  • You will see the choices you have to market your business and be able to make the choice that is right for you
  • You will learn the exact steps you can take to move forward right now
  • You will have confidence in how to stay on track as you evolve your coaching business for years to come

1.0 Resource Development CCEs

Thursday, May 19th at 5:00pm with Lynda Monk, CPCC
Coaching Skills: Transformational Journaling

During this interactive session, participants will be introduced to Life Source WritingTM. This is a 5-step transformational journaling method that can help both coaches and clients alike to gain clarity, reduce stress and manifest desired results. In addition to being a reflective practice and self-awareness building tool, journaling and expressive writing are proven ways to improve emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health. The writing and wellness connection will also be explored in this session.

Transformational journaling is a powerful tool to integrate within the coaching relationship itself, and it is also a consciousness raising practice that can enrich and nourish us as coaches as we take time to listen within. In this session, we will explore journaling as a creative evidence-based practice to help our clients gain new awareness and take inspired actions aligned with their values and goals.

Learning Objectives this experiential session will explore:

  • What is Transformational Journaling?
  • Journaling for the Self – reflective practice
  • Journaling in Coaching – awareness to action

Participants will …

  • Explore the benefits of journaling for both coaches and clients
  • Who is journaling best suited for?
  • What considerations are needed to get the most out of journaling?
  • What is helpful and what can be harmful (not all writing is healing and transformational)
  • Experience Life Source Writing – a 5 step reflective and mindful journaling method for increased insights, clarity and well-being
  • Learn different ways to integrate journaling into your coaching work with clients

1.5 CCE credits (1.0 Core + 0.75 Resource Development)

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