ICF Vancouver is thrilled to have created a partnership with  The Art Of, a leading Canadian personal and professional development company, and the masterminds behind the upcoming The Art Of Leadership for Women, coming to Vancouver April 1st. 

We connected with Vince Salva, their Director of Marketing, to learn about why they do what, their big vision and why they are so excited to be partnering with our chapter.

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ICFVancouver: Why was The Art Of created in 2008? What need is it intended to fill?
VS: The Art Of has an unwavering commitment to helping individuals and organizations be more successful by delivering world-class learning experiences. We aspire to be a trusted partner and resource for anyone looking to grow, learn and take their careers to the next level.

ICFVancouver: Nike is really in the business of personal goals (not running shoes). Apple is in the business of challenging the status quo. What would you say The Art Of is in the business of?

VS: The Art Of is definitely in the business of empowerment, and personal, professional growth. We truly do believe in the ROI of learning and that it is critical for good business.

ICFVancouver: Which learning experiences do you currently offer and where?

VS: Our special events include: The Art of Leadership for Women; The Art of Leadership; The Art of Sales; The Art of Marketing; and The Art of Entrepreneurship. We are currently in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

ICFVancouver: What is your vision for the organization?

VS: We would like to keep inviting cutting-edge speakers to our stages and finding other ways to keep connected with our audiences. The Art Of has recently partnered with The Art of Learning – where we bring the content of our stage to the classroom. These are traditionally developed and customized for organizations, but we have now developed a program that will be open to the public. This program is called The Art of Learning – Strategic Selling, and is being introduced in Toronto and Vancouver. We are very excited to see where this partnership takes us. As for city expansion, there have been discussions around entering the United States, but is still very up in the air as to when. We hope to eventually expand into major cities like Chicago.

ICFVancouver: How many people have attended your conferences since you started (how many people have you impacted)?

VS: Our conferences are now attracting anywhere between 800-2,000 people at each event. If we were to take an estimate, it would have to over 80,000 since our inception in 2008. This is not including those we’ve also impacted outside of the conferences through our networks and national magazine.

ICFVancouver: Who have been your favorite speaker(s)? Why?

VS: We’ve had the honour of having many inspirational, intelligent, and thought-provoking visionaries on our stage. We’ve had celebrities like Martha Stewart, Gene Simmons and now Geena Davis. We’ve had people like Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Martin Lindstrom. You know, we were also the first ones to book Chris Hadfield when he first came back to Earth! We really do strive to find those golden nuggets so that we remain cutting-edge leaders in what we do.

ICFVancouver: This is the first time The Art of Leadership for Women is being held in Vancouver. What are you most excited or hopeful about?

VS: This event has had a lot of success in our Toronto market, and we do find it important to recognize the powerful women in society who are making big change. I think that what we are most excited about is bringing together influential women – like your members – in large numbers, who are all invested enough in their learning experience to be there, and inspiring them to become greater leaders. We have an incredible lineup ready and we’re anxious to share their content and bring learning to life.

ICFVancouver: Why are you excited to partner with ICF Vancouver?

VS: We feel that ICF Vancouver could not be a better fit for these events. We appreciate and share your commitment to personal and professional growth, and your values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. Sharing knowledge is our passion, and we always strive for excellence for our attendees. Collaboration and networking is the next big one on the list. ICF members are the perfect audience to have come out and enjoy a day of inspiration and education, and we love that we get to provide you with the opportunity to network with over a thousand like-minded other attendees.

ICFVancouver: What else would you like our members to know?

VS: This event with this specific lineup truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We would love for members to take this chance to invest in their own development, learn from world-class female leaders, and network with some of British Columbia’s most influential women.

ICFVancouver: Thank you!

Want the opportunity to be inspired by incredible women like Geena Davis and Amy Cuddy? The Art Of has generously provided TWO passes to attend the conference. For your chance to win one of these highly sought-after tickets, here’s what to do:

Send us your ‘why’. In 200 words or less, let us know why you want to attend and how it will support your development as a leader and coach. Send to Rochelle Davidson at  sponsorship@icfvancouver.miraculouscode.com     

Deadline:  March 6th 

Be willing to share your experience and what you got from attending in an upcoming blog post. Sharing is how we all become better coaches!

Rochelle Davidson

Rochelle Davidson, Director of Sponsorship

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