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Building on the success of past community coaching initiatives during International Coaching Week, last May, ICF Vancouver joined other ICF Chapters across Canada to provide one-on-one coaching sessions for front line and senior managers at Rogers Call Centre in Burnaby, each of whom asked to participate as a way of deepening their experience of coaching.


“Coaching is in our DNA,” says Silvia Lulka, director of coaching at Rogers Communications.  “We are fully committed to creating a coaching culture at our Call Centres one conversation at a time.”


A total of 20 front line and senior managers were coached during the one-day event.


Here’s What Coachees said:

“It was nice to have someone who truly listens and gives me the time and space to think of how I would like to handle my challenge in a way that works for me” – Lidwina Kwan

During my recent 1×1 coaching session with Karen, the biggest take away I walked away with from our interaction was her ability to plant the seed.  Often as a coach, my goal during a coaching session with an agent would try to find a solution at the end of the session, which is sometimes not the case.  Karen was able to ask me questions that allowed me to reflect, however, prefacing them with the understanding that I may not come to a conclusion right away and to consider all avenues, opinions, and consequences of my actions.  This truly allowed me to take the time to come up with my own solutions and not feel pressured to give an answer.  I’m confident that if I were given a second opportunity to interact with Karen, the conversation would continue seamlessly and allow me to share my findings and continue with the process.  Overall, I appreciate being on the receiving end of this learning opportunity.   This was a very valuable technique I can start to using in my coaching sessions so the agent and myself don’t have to feel rushed to respond, but instead can take time to be honest with themselves and truly experience self-discovery. – Alejandro Reyes


When I think back of my coaching three key words comes to mind inspired, relieved and hopeful! Donna made me feel supported, understood and better yet, helped me think through my next steps!  Donna did an amazing job and being there for me!!! – Amy Chand


The coaching experience that I had was a positive experience; I was able to reflect on my own self-discovery. Realizing that being a leader that you have to be confident about whom you are, how your core values tie into your personal characteristics. Also that when you’re in a coaching session that it’s ok to rewind and do a re-do!  – Danielle Brooks


It was a great experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who has the opportunity. My coach was Betty. She was approachable and made you feel at ease. What I noticed was that Betty paid attention to things like my body language, tone and even my word choice and by doing that, she was able to discover the root cause of my issue. It was eye opening and enlightening. My biggest takeaway was realizing the importance of really practicing actively listening during our coaching sessions in order to make sure that we are uncovering the root cause with our agents. – Richelle Catanghal


Betty was able to see things that I was not aware of and helped me connect how important it was to me. Experiencing being coached is important to my understanding the process of me coaching others. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in our ICF coaching day at Rogers. – Warren Pullen


To me, the 1:1 coaching time I had with Betty was a great time for me to slow down and focus on me. Betty was patient and kind and was able to really focus on me so I could sort through the challenge I wanted to discuss. I felt a weight off my shoulders after Betty helped me gather my thoughts and focus. I loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone – Danielle Varbeff


Here’s What the Coaches said:

 Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.04.18 PM

Karen Fan

“It was astonishing to witness how an organization focus on “people” via coaching can make a difference – when Rogers’ call centre incorporate a coaching culture systematically. I had some inspiring moments and connections with Rogers’ leader coaches on this Experience Coaching Day and we hope for more!
 Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.04.24 PM



Donna Howes

“Rogers’ strong commitment to coaching was evident in all the leaders I coached at Experience Coaching day.  It was clear that Rogers’ call centre culture is benefiting from coaching in tangible and meaningful ways.”
 Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.04.33 PM

Helene Iliffe

“It was pure pleasure to spend the afternoon with such a committed group to the essence of coaching.  It was a special event to signify International Coaching week.  Thank you!”


 Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.04.41 PM



Betty Lam

“It was an honour being amongst young leaders at Rogers… let alone having the opportunity to coach them.  They really “get” coaching!  As a result, the organization benefits from it exponentially!   It was a pleasure serving them during Coaching Week!  Would I do this again?  You bet I would!”



On behalf of the ICF Vancouver Chapter Board, many thanks to experienced coaches Betty Lam, Karen Fan, Helene Iliffe and Donna Howes for donating their time and coaching expertise to our Chapter’s 2016 International Coaching Week initiative.


On behalf of Rogers, appreciation goes to Charmaine Turner, Director of Events for her dedication and skillful professional support that ensured the success of this ICF Vancouver-Rogers coaching in the community initiative.

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