Designing the Future Through 3D-System Sculpting!


What happens when you bring together decision-makers from NGOs, ICF credentialed coaches, and assortment of toys – you ask?


We design the future, of course!


On April 29, the ICF Vancouver Chapter Coach Giving Portfolio kick-started the International Coaching Week with the launch of Coach-Giving Full Circle, a pro-bono group coaching program using 3D-System Sculpting Process.



This hands-on action-packed innovative sculpting process was facilitated by Dr. Sunaina Sharma, Director ICF Vancouver Coach Giving Portfolio and embraced by all with enthusiasm and open minds.

Decision-makers from four non-profit organizations – YWCA, Atira Women’s Resources Society, Canuck Place, and ICF Vancouver Chapter Executive – experienced first-hand the potential of coaching when they co-created a customized program to create a culture of engagement through a coaching lens designed to benefit them and their organizations.


Under the skilled leadership of Dr. Sunaina Sharma, the participants built 3D models using an assortment of objects, toys, Lego, play dough that provided a tangible, symbolic view of their current realities and future requirements.


Through a facilitated process of dialogue and discovery, led by our ICF credentialed coaches – Isabel Budke, Heidi Nucklaus, Sasha Herman, Catherine North, Sunaina Sharma, Fenneke Tjallingii-Brocken, Candy Motzek and Ceyda Gultan – the participants successfully devised a prototype for the future aligned with their organization’s vision and values that would provide them with the biggest benefit.


By the end of the event, each non-profit shared their insights and next action items with the others, creating a culture of transparency and accountability.


How valuable was the 3D-System Sculpting? Let the testimonials speak!


“We found the ability to represent the challenges and the opportunities those offer in a different format extremely useful to help identify a way forward.”


“Using materials such as pipe cleaners, play [dough] and toys made it easy to articulate vision, challenges and ideas for moving forward.”


“Building 3-D models allowed the participants to really connect with their challenges and potential, creating a coaching program that can really assist them in increasing the organization’s impact.”


“We got a lot of clarity around the Chapter direction and how to engage the members, as well as how to serve them better.”


“Through [3D-System Sculpting] we found a new level of clarity and a refreshed sense of purpose.”


“The facilitators created a safe space to express ourselves and use tactile materials to create a sculpture depicting where we are and where we’d like to be as an organization.”


“Working in partnership with another coach, bringing our group’s collective attention to the clients’ mind-body connections as they worked through the 3D System Sculpting exercise.”


“The [3D-System Sculpting] exercise reinforced what other people were saying,


Our Gratitude to Behind the Scenes Volunteers!


Kudos to our dedicated team of volunteers and sponsors for making this event a resounding success!


Our venue sponsor, Mike Gaba from TruShield Insurance, for loaning us a space with stunning 360 views of Vancouver.


Our VA, Heather Walker, for organizing a most delicious spread of sushi, vegetables, chocolate dipped fruits.



Our Project Managers, Rajlakshmi Mital and Vandad Sotoudehnia, for effectively managing this event.



Please join us.


I thank you again for your continued support. The Coach Giving Portfolio is committed to ensuring Not-for-Profit Organizations and their employees amplify their impact on communities they serve through building a coaching mindset, skillset and culture.


We’re so excited by this initiative that we are inviting you to participate in our next round of the Coach-Giving Full Circle Program, starting in June.


Interested organizations may reach me by email at or by phone at 778-994-2073.


With best regards,

Sunaina Sharma, MSc, PhD, LLB, LLM, ICF PCC
Strategy & Leadership Sherpa, Executive Coach, Systems Thinker, Change Maker
Director, Coach Giving Portfolio. Coach-Giving Leadership/Coach-Giving Full Circle Programs

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