ICF Global Prism Award – Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC)


It was exciting to be a part of Converge17 in Washington DC, not only as a Prism Award finalist, but also as attendees at the conference itself. I was truly amazed and energized by the passion and dedication the 1,600+ conference attendees demonstrated in support of the global coaching profession.

During the 2.5 days, the AFCC team attended a variety of workshops and presentations gathering additional insights, tools and knowledge to further support our coaching program. While in DC, we met coaches from around the world including place like, Brazil, Jordan, United Kingdom, Iceland, India to name a few. It was a fantastic event.

Being in DC with my coaching side-kick Reza Rahmani and fellow coaches: Jim Boerger – Senior Management Team Member and Mark Reimer – AFCC Manager, made the experience so much more memorable.
A few of the finalist companies talked about how their programs focused on helping new leaders and those moving into new roles be more successful. Others described how their programs supported students and faculty to be their best selves as leaders, students and members of society. We were all there in DC sharing our stories, gathering new insights and learning from each in order to advance and grow the coaching discipline!

Back in Vancouver, we held a special celebration with the AFCC team a week after we returned from DC. At our event, we shared stories about the conference and celebrated what we collectively created as a team. The Coaches Training Institute, who taught all of us at AFCC about coaching, were also there to help us celebrate. Special guest, Karen Kimsey-House – CTI’s Co-founder was streamed-in live to deliver a congratulatory message to the team. It was an inspirational afternoon.

The entire AFCC team is thankful and honoured for winning the 2017 International Prism Award. I am so very proud of the entire AFCC team, our leaders and coaches for helping us create a coaching culture.
I know in my head and in my heart that there is something very powerful and exciting happening in the world that is the result of coaching. Coaching is making a difference in the lives of people, teams, companies, communities and nations. I left DC feeling totally inspired by what is and what can be.
Coach Glenn

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