Focus on Membership – have you always wanted to Blog?


Blogging.  Do you need to blog on your website or not?  The jury is undecided.  We often hear of coaches that find the effort of providing informative and unique articles on a regular basis to be overwhelming.  Recently, at an ICF Vancouver Chapter meeting Tana Heminsley mentioned that she had believed that she should be a vibrant blogger while building her business, but learned that turning her focus to other activities was needed as the business grew.  Yet we all have a story in us.  An idea to share.  An experience to distribute to our community.  The answer might be guest blogging.


As an ICF Global Member you can guest blog on the ICF Global website.  You can reach the 30,000 members with your article, if published.  Start a dialogue with peers around the world.  Share your guest blog on your own site or your twitter feed or your Facebook page.  Join the community of bloggers as a writer or a reader.  Sign up for it here and if you haven’t blogged before, dip your toe in to a safe and supportive pool this year.  You will see that the Blog page is going to be merged with the Coaching World magazine too.  Exciting times.

To start blogging click on this link ICF Global Blog

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