Exploring Bias in Coaching


Join us for a discussion of the most common biases using the SEEDS model. We’ll explore the biases of: Similarity, Expedience, Experience, Distance and Safety and some of the ways that we can identify them, for ourselves and perhaps for our coaching clients.



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We will discuss the use of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, such as coaching presence, active listening, powerful questioning, and designing actions. What lenses might we be wearing that affect how we show up, interpret what we are noticing and hearing, translate that into questions, and explore actions with our client? How can we reflect and what tools might we use to be more self-aware to reduce our biases?


The event is free as our wonderful co-facilitators from ICF Calgary have graciously donated their time.

Colleen Lewis

I’m a Pioneer, Trailblazer and Maverick.


Or, as Clint Eastwood said, “There’s a rebel lying deep in my soul.”


This has always served me well and helped shape me to see Possibilities where others may believe none exist. And, this is what I love about being a Coach, Leader, and Teacher by helping others to discover possibilities and their potential.


When I discovered Professional Coaching back in 2005 I knew that this was my calling and my purpose. As a leader, I knew that I could be a better leader and that there had to be a better way of helping my team, colleagues, senior leaders and my organization to achieve epic outcomes.


Since that time, I’ve completed a degree in Organizational Development and obtained six coaching certifications in Systemic Team Coaching, Systems Thinking, Behavioural Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Virtual Group and Team Coaching. I’ve found this to be a powerful combination when working with clients at all levels of organizations in several for profit, not-for-profit and government sectors.


I also enjoy mentoring up and coming leaders at the University of Calgary, Co-facilitating Leadership forums, and volunteering with the Calgary Stampede.


When I don’t have my nose stuck in a coaching book, I enjoy my country life with my husband Steve and all of our critters.


Happy Trails!


Jamie Davidoff

I am a People and Possibilities Advocate and Values Fanatic.


I support leaders of leaders and HR leaders to increase confidence, influence, and impact so that they and their teams can collaboratively create amazing results and positive impact! I work with people through executive and leadership coaching, leadership development program creation and facilitation, Dare to Lead(TM) facilitation, and organizational culture consulting.


When I took my BCom degree in the 1990’s and then MA Leadership in 2017-2019, key learnings that stood out for me were values alignment and values-based organizational culture, respectively. Through my own career, I have focused on values alignment and learned to stand for my values. As I raised my two daughters, I imprinted on them the importance to live their own, unique values. This instilling comes into play in my coaching and consulting as well.


As Brené Brown shared in Dare to Lead, “Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; it’s choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.” And, as Kouzes and Posner shared in The Leadership Challenge, “Leaders model the way.” They do this by sharing and operating in alignment with their espoused values and establishing practiced, shared values within their organizations.


As a lifelong seeker of knowledge, I participate in many trainings. To highlight a few, I am a Certified Dare to Lead(TM) Facilitator, Barrett Values Centre Certified Consultant, and Professional Certified Coach.


I also enjoy supporting leaders and coaches through two volunteer offerings in co-leading the ICF Calgary Leadership Perspectives Community of Practice and Navigating Leadership Realities Group Leaders Conversation Forums.


When I am not coaching, consulting, or learning, you can find me with my husband nurturing the plants in our greenhouse and garden or visiting (online these days) with our family and friends.


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