Dear ICF Vancouver Members and Affiliates,



We hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and our glorious city the past month as we transition into even hotter days.

Our Board has been in full swing and we have hosted two successful events so far, including the launch of Coaches Engage where we experienced a remarkable outpouring of energy and enthusiasm.

It was a great step to re-engaging with our community and we look forward to seeing many more of you at our next Coaches Engage event, Tuesday, June 12th. An overview of what’s coming up for the rest of 2018 is enclosed and I personally appeal to you to participate in as many events as you can to support other coaches, and to lend your expertise and perhaps become a leader in our group activities.

Coaches Engage Launch

coaches engage launch
This is our newest signature program to bring coaches from all areas of practice together. Launched during International Coaching Week in May, we welcomed seasoned and new members alike and enjoyed an evening of networking, learning, collaboration, and coaching!







shared interests

Shared interests, challenges, and expectations were discussed and we have our next event planned for 12th June to include core competency and current trend topics to keep our community of coaches vitalized.








We are still keen to hear from you as we hope to gather more leaders to facilitate core groups across Metro Vancouver and across the Valley to reach everyone in our Chapter.

Contact Charlene Roberts or Mark Winter for more details.






June 12 Coaches Engage
Asking Powerful Questions

Planned as an opportunity to bring coaches from all areas of practice together, our meetings welcome experienced as well as new ICF members, students and guests to engage in networking, learning, collaboration, and coaching sessions.



Topic of discussion will be Core Competency, Communicating Effectively: Powerful Questioning, “the ability to ask questions that reveal the information needed for maximum benefit to the coaching relationship and the client”.

1.0 Core Competency Continuing Coach Education unit (CCE).
Register Here.

Upcoming Events: Mark your Calendars

September 20
Chapter Social

October 11
Supervision Coaching facilitated by Sam Magill, MBA, MCC

October 18
Coaches Engage: Co-Creating the Relationship, Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

November 14
Annual General Meeting

Authors in our Midst

Are you published or would you like to find out more about writing? We are calling all authors in our community to step forward and support each other.

We will plan an event and engage a speaker to share tips on how to successfully complete your book and find the best ways to explore publishing.

Authors in our midst will also share their experience with our Chapter members. Interested authors/writers/editors/wordsmiths please contact Karen Flynn for more details.

Time off during July and August


As summer approaches, we would like to inform our members that the Board will take time to be with their families during July and August.

Programs will not be active during these months and there will be delays in responses to emails.







Coaching Changes the World…Begining with You!

coaching changes the world
We remain committed to our vision for 2018 for the Chapter’s success and we seek ways to engage members and affiliates who can share their strengths and gifts to further build the vibrancy and interest to grow and sustain our community.








Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – Jessica Carry

Member Spotlight – Jessica Carry

Name: Jessica Carry Coaching Specialization: Leadership Development and Purpose, Vision + Goals Coach Training Program: UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching What you love about coaching: I believe that my purpose is to be a catalyst that supports others in...

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Member Spotlight – Beth Seed

Member Spotlight – Beth Seed

Name: Beth Seed Coaching Specialization: Compassionate Leadership~Legacy Coaching~Mindset Coach Training Program: UBC Certificate of Organizational Coaching. What you love about coaching: I love to witness clients as they discover their own capacities once they form a...

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Member Spotlight – Nicole Beauregard

Member Spotlight – Nicole Beauregard

Name: Nicole Beauregard MSC, PCC Coaching Specialization: Coach & leadership training, individual & team executive coaching, mentor coach & coach supervisor Coach Training Program: Royal Roads Certificate in Executive Coaching What you love about coaching:...

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Member Spotlight – Colin Macrae

Member Spotlight – Colin Macrae

Name: Colin Macrae ACC, CLC Coaching Specialization: Working with leaders and teams in marketing, communications, and the creative industries. I’m also a Certified Designing Your Life Coach. Coach Training Program: ICF Associate Certified Coach and Essential Impact...

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Member Spotlight – Jocelyne Hamel

Member Spotlight – Jocelyne Hamel

Coaching Specialization: Leadership and Team Coaching Coach Training Program: Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University What you love about coaching: Every individual or team is unique, and joy comes from discovery. Favourite...

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Member Spotlight – Ihab Badawi, MCC

Member Spotlight – Ihab Badawi, MCC

Coaching Specialization: Executive Coaching - Leadership Coach Training Program: Two programs: Coactive & Transformative Coaching What you love about coaching: Coaching create a sustainable change impact on people thus leading to great transformation and a trickle...

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