The Coach-Giving Leadership Portfolio of the ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter launches its highly successful, globally recognized Coaching Giving Leadership Program.


Our program offers your emerging and current leaders and individual contributors in key roles:

  • 8 hours of one-on-one executive coaching by highly skilled ICF credentialed coaches.
  • The leader’s direct supervisor plays an equal role in supporting the engagement as a leadership developmental tool and to the goals of engagement.
  • Coaching goals are linked to organizational and individual objectives and tied to leadership impact.
  • Pre-work package is designed for the Organization, leader and direct supervisor to engage in a series of activities which lays an effective foundation for the coaching engagement.
  • While coaching takes place in a safe and confidential space, the direct supervisor and leader meet regularly to discuss achievement of goals, thereby ensuring success for the organization.
  • Post-engagement surveys are conducted to measure success of the program.


Post Leadership Coach Giving Program Survey Results

Common themes related to impact of thinking, working or relating differently as a results of the coaching program were:

  • Broaden thinking, surfaced different perspectives
  • Helped to think through, identify issues, strategies, set and commit to goals
  • More supportive and suggestive with comments rather than directive
  • More empowered, confident in approaching situations
  • More strategic, self-aware
  • New tools to deal with stress and difficult situations
  • Role strengthened and enormously improved
  • Better team player
  • Improve communication with others
  • More comfortable with the role of leader
  • Equipped to set strategy, motivation and guidance required to meet goals with team
  • Development of positive behaviors and management style that empowers staff to contribute to the overall success of the organization
  • Provided whole new perspective and endless growth opportunities
  • Improved working relationships

Interested in empowering your leaders.

Contact Sunaina Sharma, Director Coach Giving Leadership Portfolio at


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Member Spotlight – Doris Orr

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Member Spotlight – Katherine Lazaruk

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Member Spotlight – Lily Gu

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Member Spotlight – Charles Lee

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