ICF Vancouver‘s Coach Giving Portfolio is expanding its signature Coach Giving Leadership Program from a one-on-one coaching regime to a peer-to-peer coaching model, a pilot project for 2019.


The Coach Giving Portfolio has come ‘full circle’ and is cycling into a new phase of development. The Coach Giving Full Circle Program embraces and delivers, as its name suggests,

  1.  1. A full circle of participants.
  2.  2. Participants receive a “full” experience through mutual giving and receiving in a group or a circle.


The Coach Giving Full Circle Program is designed to provide the benefits of coaching in a group setting and to facilitate positive transformation of individuals and whole organizations.


How do we provide coaching to organizations that meaningfully serve the community, but may not have resources to pay for coaching to enhance their impact?


The Coach Giving Full Circle Pilot Project is designed to meet all criteria of the ICF Foundation Gift of Coaching Award program so that ongoing funding of CGFC is available through grants provided by the ICF Foundation Gift of Coaching Award program, and in the interim, through scholarships granted by the Coach Giving Portfolio.


Why NPOs? Are we eligible? How do we get selected?


Coach Giving Full Circle is designed to meet a unique need in the community.  The benefits of the proposed pilot program are many, and potential impacts extend from individuals to groups, organizations, sociopolitical, and economic systems.


Eligible NPOs for this pilot project must create a meaningful impact in the community and fit within the rubric of three overarching themes. Selected NPOs may access coaching for staff, volunteers, or clients.


  • – Youth & Leadership – organizations that support youth in the community and empower them to become leaders of tomorrow.
  • – Health & Research – organizations that support health research / treatments / cures; or care for individuals and families who experience significant illness. 
  • – Diversity & Inclusion – organizations that support gender equality, individuals with mental, physical or intellectual disabilities, immigrants, refugees, and most vulnerable people in society.



What’s in it for us? How long is the program? How many can participate?


The benefits of the proposed pilot program are many, and potential impacts extend from individuals to groups, organizations, sociopolitical, and economic systems. Documented results include:


  • – Enhanced personal awareness and resilience of team members
  • – Leverage of personal and/or organizational strengths
  • – Greater personal and collective empowerment
  • – Improved quality of service
  • – Strengthened community leadership
  • – Increased engagement of stakeholders
  • – Understanding non-profit organizational structure, engagement and the role of stakeholders
  • – Experiencing a sense of pride in giving back to the community


A peer-to-peer coaching model will be customized for each NPO and include:


  • – Six hours of peer-to-peer coaching offered to each selected NPO over five months
  • – NPOs each nominate 6 individuals to participate (clients, staff, or volunteers)
    • – Profile of selected participants: less than three years’ of experience in their current role, no prior experience of coaching, and willingness to report on their progress and experience as part of the evaluation
    • – 2 or 3 coaches matched with each NPO (one primary coach, plus one or two support coaches per session)
    • – Coaches will be selected to aim for diversity in race / ethnicity, training background, and experience
  • – No honorariums, no gifts, no in-kind; strictly a pro-bono coaching engagement
  • – Post-survey to evaluate program results



Interested credentialed Coaches (ACC, PCC, MCC), please email us @ [email protected]


With best regards,

Sunaina Sharma, MSc, PhD, LLB, LLM, ICF PCC
Director, Coach-Giving Leadership Portfolio
ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter

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