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Our Chapter


The International Coach Federation (ICF) Vancouver Chapter is a not-for-profit professional organization established in the year 2000. We were the first Canadian Chapter to become incorporated and are one of 132 International Coach Federation Chapters worldwide.   Coaches who are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF Global) may elect to become affiliated with the ICF Vancouver Chapter.


The ICF Vancouver Chapter was recognized in March of 2016 at the ICF Global Leaders Forum as one of only 12 Chapter worldwide for high performance and overall excellence. Specifically, we were acknowledged for three unique initiatives developed by our Chapter:  CoachingWise; the Coach Giving Program; and the Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) Coaching Roundtables.


Based in Vancouver, our ICF Chapter is the third largest in Canada, representing greater Vancouver and much of the mainland of British Columbia. We currently have over 350 member coaches.

Join us and experience the power and potential of professional coaching through career development opportunities at our Chapter meetings and webinars and unique public events during the year. Our meetings and events are open to both members and guests.


How We Operate


International Coach Federation (ICF) Chapters work together, under the guidance of ICF Global, to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. ICF Global sets standards in the coaching field with rigorous Core Competencies and a Code of Ethics.


Our ICF Vancouver Chapter, part of the ICF Global Network, represents a group of professionally trained business and life coaches and is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board is made up of an Executive – President, Vice-President, Past President and Treasurer – and other ICF credentialed coaches (or members in the process of being credentialed) who hold various Portfolio roles. While service on the Board is generally a two-year commitment, current Board Members have the opportunity to change their role and focus over that period.


Our Chapter is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by providing support, education, training and resources to both practicing and aspiring professional coaches.


Our mandate is to support and encourage the development of professional coaching through:

  • Supporting individuals to find the information and training they need to become coaches or obtain an ICF credential;
  • Creating professional development opportunities for coaches to earn Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU’s);
  • Aligning with and promoting ICF Global’s Standards and Code of Ethics in coaching practice;
  • Engaging in outreach activities to educate the business community, government, non-profit and the general public about the benefits of coaching and partnering with a professional coach;
  • Helping coaches build their own professional coaching business;
  • Providing opportunities to network, discuss issues of professional concern and develop relationships.

ICF Vancouver Chapter Vision, Mission, Objectives



To have the biggest pool of highly trained, engaged, successful, and credentialed professional coaches who are connected to the community, in Canada.



To be the “model of excellence” for the ICF Chapters globally


Chapter Objectives:


Objective 1: Expand the understanding and buy-in on the value of ICF Membership

Measures: Growth in membership (lower attrition/increased retention), participation by members in ICF Vancouver activities.


Objective 2: Enhance Professional/Coach Development for members

Measures: Number and proportion of ICF credentialed coach members.


Objective 3: Increase the awareness of the ICF Vancouver Chapter and professional coaching within a broader community.

Measures: Participation by organizations, associations, government, HR professionals, business leaders in ICF Vancouver Chapter initiatives (e.g. Chapter meetings, webinars, Coaching Week, Prism, Coach Giving, CoachingWise, Professional Alliances, Sponsorship).



In 2020, there will be a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve Directors. The Executive and Directors are the chairs of committees.




The President has the overall responsibility for Board leadership, ensuring that annual goals and objectives are set; plans are developed and are executed to meet the goals. The President will be familiar with the policies and procedures of the ICF national, with the Chapter bylaws, policies, procedures and with the duties of all the other officers and directors.


  • – Works to establish the vision/mission statement for the chapter along with the Executive team and Board members
  • – Develops and sets the Chapter’s strategy on a yearly basis with the Executive team and Board Directors including projects
  • – Works closely with ICF national office to ensure awareness of any policy or procedure changes; and obtain the necessary resources or support at the ICF national


Vice President (and President Elect)


The Vice President will be prepared to assume the office of President or temporarily act in that position at any time. The President Elect will be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the President, and of the other elected officers and committee chairpersons.


  • – Works closely with the President to ensure acquisition of skills and knowledge to facilitate a seamless smooth transition to role of President
  • – Works closely with the President and other Board members to plan strategy and budget for the Chapter


Past President


The Past President’s key responsibility is to support the President and other in Board members ensuring the smooth transition between leaders. Include mentor and assist board members.




The Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal operation and financial reporting for the Chapter.


  • – Oversees and ensures accurate accounting procedures and financial accounts in conjunction with the accountant
  • – Reconciles payments received from chapter activities such as the monthly education programs or from special events with records, issues reports in a timely manner and deposits revenues
  • – Processes payment of all bills within established timeframes




The Secretary is the keeper of all Society records and the taker of minutes and as such has the responsibility to clarify intention and interpretation of chapter activities.


  • – Maintains the register of members
  • – Maintains an up-to-date copy of the Constitution and Bylaws
  • – Ensures that documents required by the Societies Registrar are filed
  • – Ensures that reports are available for AGM


Sponsorship Chair


The Sponsorship Chair identifies and secures sponsorship support in the form of cash and in-kind donations and is responsible for creating and maintaining sponsorship levels and ensuring sponsors receive appropriate benefits for their contributions.


  • – Identifying sponsors for Chapter special events and activities to meet targets set by the board
  • – Building and maintaining relationships with sponsors and potential sponsors to promote the value of affiliation with the ICF Vancouver Chapter
  • – Ensuring that each sponsor receives the benefits associated with the specified donor level


Communications Chair


The focus for this role is creating content, with responsibilities including:


  • – Liaising with Directors to create a communication plan for the year
  • – Writing stories and newsletter
  • – Communicate important ICF global and local messages to our members


Coach Giving Chair


The Coach Giving Chair is responsible for leadership of all coach giving activities of the Chapter. Under the direction of the Coach Giving Chair the committee searches for, develops, and monitors opportunities for Chapter coaches to coach with non-profit organizations for the benefit of the organization or individuals associated with the organization. The strategic intent of this activity is to raise the professional profile of the ICF Chapter and coaches.


Social Media Chair


The main focus for this role is on our online presence in terms of both social media as well as our website.


  • – Generating activity and interest in the Chapter through use of social media


Events Chair


The events portfolio is responsible for planning and presenting at least one special event each year that generates revenue for the chapter, promotes and enhances the profile of professional coaches or enhances the knowledge and skills of professional coaches.


  • – Identifying and recommending special events based on the feasibility of the events to meet revenue targets and achieve objectives set by the board
  • – Oversee the implementation of specials events, such as Prism or keynote speakers to ensure objectives and goals set by the board are met
  • – Develop and maintain planning and implementation materials


Programs Co-Chairs (2)


Programs Committee plays a key part of building professionalism and community of the Chapter. This Committee plans, implements, and evaluates educational programs. This portfolio is co-chaired with two board representatives sharing a single vote.


  • – Identifies and screens presentation opportunities to ensure alignment with Chapter goals and objectives
  • – Schedules speakers at monthly educational meetings in alignment with goals and objectives set by the board
  • – Schedules other educational programs such as webinars or tele classes in alignment with the goals and objectives set by the board


Membership Chair


This committee is responsible for the recruitment, retention and maintenance of ICF membership in the Chapter and for building relationships with individual members.


  • – Welcomes and orients new members to the Chapter via phone in a timely manner
  • – Actively networks with members at meetings to facilitate introductions, encourage participation and build relationships with Chapter members

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