Learn more about your fellow coaches seeking to fill open 2022/2023 Board positions!

Vice President

Nicole Beauregard



I am a MCC executive coach, team coach, mentor coach, ICF trained assessor and educator with over 25 years leadership experience in the corporate and public sectors. I work with executives and leaders throughout North America primarily in the healthcare, engineering, and tech industries.  I coach individuals and teams and mentors coaches helping them to create the best impact in their fields.

I started my own full time coaching practice in 2016 and it has now expanded to include a coach training academy (Think Agile leadership Training Academy), mentor coaching and coach supervision as well as 1:1 coaching for some of the top C-Suite leaders in North America. My business comes through word of mouth from the sustainable results leaders and coaches see as they work with me.

Prior to working as a coach, I worked in healthcare as a dietitian and healthcare leader. My interest in behavioural change started as a dietitian student when I realised that telling patients what to eat didn’t work. I incorporated motivational behaviour therapy into my practice to gain long lasting positive change. As I moved up the ladder to leadership positions, I incorporated the best of leadership theory into my practice realising that coaching was the most powerful tool I could use.

I hold a MSc from Kings College, London in Research Methods and am currently a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership at Adler University. Learning is a passion for me; a passion I share with others in the programs I teach to coaches and leaders. I believe that we can all learn from each other and sharing our knowledge and experience makes us stronger. I have designed a unique certified coach course at Think Agile leadership Academy that enables leaders to acquire coaching skills without having to commit to a full-fledged coaching program. I believe that coaching is the number one skill that 21st Century leaders need to be successful in a fast-changing workspace.

Translating what we learn into sustainable practice is a priority for my business. Mentor coaching and coach supervision provides me with the platform to help new coaches grow into confident, successful coaches. As an experienced internal and external coach, I bring perspectives and knowledge to my coaches that help them implement strategies into the workplace. All of this provides me with an extensive coaching background and belief that every leader should have  coach and be able to coach.

Statement of Interest

As the current interim VP, I wish to continue in this role. It has become clear to me during my interim position that it is a role that requires alignment, vision, and support with the president to enable a smooth functioning board. I help board directors navigate their portfolios by listening to their issues and helping them find solutions using a coach like approach. This has been the most valuable aspect of the role for me and the board members I support. I use my leadership knowledge, experience, training and coaching to diffuse potentially conflicting situations, explore possibility and facilitate a learning culture where board members can collaborate. I believe in inclusivity and doing what is right for the community and organisation.

Prior to my interim VP role, I served as Co-director of Programs. With my co-director, I built an easy process for the portfolio and delivered speaker programs including ICW aimed at new and experienced coaches. In addition, I designed and analysed the membership survey. In all cases, the success of these initiatives was largely due to the collaborative approach that we took with other board directors including membership and sponsorship, communications. 

One of my focuses in the VP role has been to take the ICF Global IEDBJ initiative and translate it into an actionable concept for ICF Vancouver.  I have created a DEI working team that has brought directors and members to the table to discuss what needs to happen at ICFV to create a safe, inclusive community. 

On a personal level, in my role as interim VP, I have built relationships with board directors and members that are meaningful and important to me. I want ICFV to be a place where coaches can connect, learn, and share together. As a community, we have the power to create change, support each other and build coaching cultures.

Coach Giving

Steluta Leu



Steluta Leu is a leadership and team coach, a sales expert and a podcast host. She is the co-founder of Rosentall Coaching, an organization whose purpose is to create better leaders and workplaces, one team and one coaching session at a time. She also serves as a volunteer mentor for the entrepreneurs in the Employ to Empower programs, grassroots charity that empowers people with work and social barriers through entrepreneurial resources.

With a background in eastern practices and in western corporate space, Steluta’s classes, workshops and programs combine a wholistic approach with a down-to-earth actionable one, to support her clients and mentees achieve their goals and transform their lives for the better. She is the co-host of two podcasts: The Path to Resilience Show and Team X – Lead. Innovate. Inspire, where leaders come together to empower others by sharing their experience and stories.

Steluta has been named in the Influence Digest Top 21 Coaches In Vancouver In 2021 for her coaching programs which help women who are stuck in challenging situations. Originally from Romania, she moved to Vancouver in 2018. She is professional coach certified with Primal Health Institute and Goal Imagery Institute. She is also a yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Steluta’s approach to life coaching is holistic, combining the art of coaching with mindfulness, nutrition, body movement, and other spiritual healing practices.

Statement of Interest

I ask that you consider me for the Director of Coach Giving open position on the ICF Vancouver Chapter Board of Directors.

I greatly appreciate the ICF Vancouver Chapter and what the organization has managed to achieve for trained professional coaches based in the Lower Mainland, and want it to continue to serve our coaching community in the best, most reasonable ways it can.

Here are some reasons why I want to help in that effort.

As a volunteer, I’m passionate about giving back to our coaching community and the world at large. I’m involved not only in our board, but also in other non-profit organizations whose purpose is to empower people that face social barriers overcome their limiting beliefs, become self-reliant, more confident and live a purposeful life.

As an ICF Vancouver Chapter Board member, I am familiar with our fellow Board members, the systems and processes in place, the strengths and the opportunities to improve, and I am already involved in developing a strategy to help our board grow stronger and support our community better.

As a Vancouver-based professional coach, I was warmly welcomed by the Chapter in the coaching community even prior to starting my coach career as an ICF-certified professional coach. The events that I participated in, both in-person and on-line, were some of the most educational and rewarding ones in terms of the trust and confidence they helped me develop about how I can best serve my clients and the Chapter. I want our Chapter to continue to do that for the new
coaches in our region even better.

As a coaching client myself, I experience first-hand on a weekly basis the benefits of overcoming my own limiting beliefs and fears and transforming my personal life and career. I want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of coaching and to support our chapter to continue its consistent efforts of promoting coaching to as many organizations as possible.

As a businessperson and member of various business communities, I appreciate the complexity of building, running, and growing a coaching business with budgetary, legal, and administrative challenges, while maintaining the high ICF standards for coaching our clients. I want to further the efforts our chapter does in supporting our members to become more visible, promote their coaching practices and be an integral part of their success.

As an ICF member, I care about the values the global organization stands for and the programs it creates. I want to help them roll out their programs by offering my time and best effort to our local chapter to support these programs.

As a sales expert and content creator, I believe the market needs constant education, forefront presence, and creating awareness in regards to what coaching is and what are the benefits an organization and/or a person can obtain through coaching. With my +25 years of sales and marketing experience, I want to support our chapter’s strategy of growing its presence and visibility.

I also want to serve on the Board in the Coach Giving role because to some extent I represent the people who believe in the human potential; in the power of support and accountability; coaches who are passionate about helping other people and organization transform, become the best versions of themselves and achieve their highest potential, regardless of their budgetary constraints; want ICF  Vancouver Chapter to expand on its capabilities as a local leader in bridging the gap between coaches and non-organizations, to the benefit of our entire community.

Most importantly, I am confident that we can create a fantastic ICF Vancouver Chapter that meets the needs of ICF, our members and the grater coaching community.

Marketing & Communication

Matt Jackson



Hey there – I’m Matt. I’m an executive coach based in North Vancouver. I recently joined the coaching ranks having graduated in the fall of 2022 from Royal Road University’s graduate certificate program. Prior to making the transition to coaching I had a successful 25-year career leading teams and projects in fast moving, dynamic organizations including five Olympic and Paralympic Games organizing committees where I helped leaders of all levels navigate some of the most complex and rewarding challenges imaginable. My career has been a rich learning journey that has exposed me to incredible experiences including:

  • Working internationally within different cultures
  • Working within organizations of different sizes (100-10,000+) and different lifecycle stages (start-up to mature)
  • Partnering with teams and colleagues from a broad range of industries and disciplines (e.g. sport, telecom, construction & infrastructure, security,brand & marketing, finance, HR, risk management, protocol, etc.)
  • Engagement with stakeholders from the public sector, sponsors, community groups, volunteer organizations
  • Developing my leadership under the guidance and mentorship of some world-class (and not so world class) leaders

Through all of the work I’ve done over the years, my purpose has always been around enabling others to succeed which is what eventually brought me to coaching. Now, I’m all in on coaching and developing my practice. While in the short term I’m focussed on developing my coaching skills and creating a viable business, my long-term goal is to train and develop others coaches.

I was born and raised in our nation’s capital but from a young age I had the dream of living in BC. In 2005, I was fortunate that my Olympic career brought me to Vancouver where I met my wife Lindsay (we met working on the 2010 Games together). We now have four girls, ages 2-9, and live in North Vancouver’s Upper Lynn neighbourhood.

When I’m not hustling to build my coaching practice or take care of our four kids I like to get out and run the trails of the North Shore, explore on my e-bike and hit the slopes in winter. And I’m always a yes to coffee, red wine and good books.

Statement of Interest

I’m delighted to express my interest in joining the Board ICF Vancouver in the role of Secretary. As a relatively new coach, I’m excited to engage with and support the coaching community in mainland BC.

I believe coaching is having an outsized and lasting impact on our communities and it has tremendous potential to do more. Our Chapter has an important role in nurturing and growing the coaching industry in our region by supporting coaches and by promoting the benefits of coaching. Through our ICF chapter, I’m excited to contribute to that work for the next two years.

Relevant strengths experiences that I can bring to the position of Secretary are:

  • Organizational skills: I really enjoy keeping things organized (possibly an overdone strength at times).
  • Communication skills: Communication has always been at the forefront of my professional success. Helping people from different backgrounds and perspectives get on the same page is a core strength.
  • Strategic and Creative Thinking: I see the big picture and how different moving parts fit together. I enjoy working with others to explore options for the way forward, including out of the box ideas.
  • Confident & Curious: I’m very comfortable taking on new challenges and knowing that there will be lots that I don’t know. I’m not afraid to ask questions, even the most basic ones for the sake of clarity.
  • Community: It’s a core value and I’ll work hard and advocate for our community. I’ll also bring a collaborative, caring approach to my work with other board and committee members
  • Small and scrappy: while I’ve worked with a number of large, global organizations I’ve also spent equal time working with small, scrappy organizations with limited resources. Those experiences have taught me how to zero in on priorities, get things done creatively…and to be patient with progress.

While I believe I have lots to offer our board, I also see this as a great opportunity to for me to learn, grow and ultimately to help build my coaching business by being more connected with our coaching community.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to serving you on our Board of Directors.

Program Co-Chairs (2)

!!! Please note that there are three candidates for two open positions !!! The candidates are listed below alphabetically.

Ashli Komaryk



Hello! I’m Ashli Komaryk, MBA, ACC, a bi-lingual, Certified Organizational Coach (COC – UBC). I’m also a certified trainer, conference speaker, and MBA faculty member (teaching leadership, HR and Negotiation) at University Canada West. I’ve also been a guest lecturer of Organizational Behaviour at the prestigious UPES of India.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in art history (taken entirely in Italian) during my 14-year stay in Parma, Italy. Also in Parma, I earned a Level II Sommelier Certification through the renowned Associazione Italiana Sommeliers. I hold a Master of Business Administration from Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada and am a certified facilitator for DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. I love to keep learning and I’m currently working toward a PQ Positive Intelligence coaching certificate.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work and live in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean, and through the introspection that is heightened by our training as coaches, I’ve realized that these international experiences uniquely position me to work with global or multi-cultural teams looking to harness productive conflict and leverage their diversity as a competitive advantage. In my coaching practice, I love to support leaders who are working locally or globally. Thanks to my personal and professional background, I believe I’m an ideal strategic partner/coach to support leaders as they integrate into new global work cultures, ensuring their career trajectory continues on a path of positive advancement while their teams thrive. Whether working in English or in Italian, you can count on me to bring a positive attitude, resilience, and adaptability.

Statement of Interest

My interest in serving our local coaching community through my contribution to the ICF Vancouver Chapter Board of Directors is motivated both by what I can give as well as the fulfillment I expect I will receive through my volunteer service to a cause I hold dear.

I enjoy volunteering with events and in 2022, I had the exciting opportunity to volunteer in support of our ICF Vancouver Chapter’s first post-pandemic, in-person networking event! I supported our ICF Vancouver Board representatives in planning and executing the June 28, 2022 Boat Cruise. Seeing such a supportive Board and the collaborative, positive dynamics of the organizers and participants, further deepened my desire to contribute more to our local Chapter.

I have held leadership roles in organizations led by Boards of Directors and I have an understanding and appreciation for those collaborative mechanisms for moving through (productive) conflict to reach collective goals. I can see that our local chapter is in a phase of explosive growth – in sync with that of our profession. This is a moment for us to declare to a broader audience, not limited to only our coaching community, who we are as a local chapter, and what we can and will do for our members to support them as they advance the profile and articulate the value of the coaching profession.

I understand teambuilding and the value of unity; both essential if we expect to achieve great goals. I am a team player and take great satisfaction from achieving collective goals. I am ambitious and not deterred by obstacles so the board can count on my determination to be highly motivated to reach the goals we establish.

My background, including 9+ years as the Cultural Director at the Italian Cultural Centre, has equipped me with the experience and skills to create and deliver events, large and small, that meet specific criteria and goals. That role as well as my teaching work involve public speaking and coordination. I would love to share these skills for the benefit of our coaching community, through my service and contribution to our ICF Vancouver Chapter Board.

What’s in it for me? Well, I teach in an MBA program (University Canada West – HR, Leadership, Negotiation) and this presently occupies the majority of my waking hours. For my personal wellbeing and satisfaction, I am in the process of shifting that balance to include more work as a coach. My greater involvement in the ICF Vancouver Chapter Board would also support that personal goal of mine to be more engaged and active in our community of professional coaches.

Also, for me, creating events in which participants find value and enjoyment is a ton of FUN!

Francesca Oduoza



My career journey span over 17 years of banking experience, primarily in retail sales and customer service, and a solid exposure to strategic leadership roles. These leadership experiences were instrumental to my career interest in organizational leadership and coaching. About six years ago, when I set out on an alternative career exploration, I was inspired to set up a practice in business learning, coaching and leadership development. Throughout this time, I have worked with individuals and organizational clients, helping them maximize personal and professional growth. I also volunteer for non-profit organizations providing leadership and team coaching services. To satisfy my career progress and stay on the cutting edge of my professional practice as a coach, I obtained a graduate certificate in organizational leadership and coaching from the University of British Columbia and earned the designation of a certified Organizational coach (COC). I subsequently pursued and received International Coaching Federation Credentials as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I have an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

As part of my commitment to continuous professional development, and a desire to boost my coaching skills, I am currently on my pathway to obtaining my certification as a Positive- Intelligent Coach. My interest and passion in coaching are mainly in business and organizational coaching, and I am working on building my niche within that market segment.

In addition to coaching, I own a business training professional Franchise of Brian Tracy International, a premier business training and development Company.

I am a mother of two, and I live with my husband and children in Burnaby-lower mainland of Vancouver. I am an outdoor adventurist and I love walking and hiking. I have been on many exciting trails in Burnaby, Vancouver, Whistler, Chilliwack, Surrey, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, and New Westminster. I am looking to explore many more trails in our Beautiful British Columbia. I love to read good books, enjoy inspirational music, and watch a captivating comedy TV show like Ted Lasso 🙂

Statement of Interest

Last year, I joined the membership of the International Coaching Federation and have been privileged to attend many programs and access resources that support my journey as a professional coach. At a recent networking meeting event hosted in person by the ICF Vancouver Chapter, I had the pleasure of meeting many exciting and inspiring coaches and learning about their work as volunteer Board Directors to support the Chapter in achieving its core objectives. The selfless desire to impact the coaching community with their time and talents was admirable, and seeing the meaningful and impactful outcome of the work they do as volunteers is a huge source of inspiration for me to want to be part of the team.

My mission as a coach is to be a pebble in the pond sending ripples of positive change around my community, promoting professional coaching, and working collaboratively with other coaches to enhance joint creativity and resourcefulness. To achieve this mission, I seek and embrace exciting opportunities and causes that resonate with my interest. Becoming a Board Director in the capacity of Co-Director of Programs is a great opportunity that aligns with my interest. It is an honour for me to seek election to that position.

My work experience and career journey are deeply grounded in excellent leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, and the ability to engage and partner with colleagues and related professionals in a positive and mutually respectful way. If elected, I pledge my commitment to helping ICF Vancouver prioritize and optimize superior outcomes relating to Programming activities. I look forward to the AGM with great hope to emerge as Co-Director of Programs, subject to the result of the elections.

Oksana Segovia



Oksana was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1996.

Over the past 20 years, she has changed several careers and has successfully transitioned from Fashion industry into Procurement and Accounting, to Human Resources, and now, she is a Cross-cultural Career Coach.

Oksana graduated from KPU in 2009 with a Diploma in General Studies and a Certificate in Business Studies. In 2011, she received a certificate in Human Resource Management from UBC. She obtained a Bachelor Degree in Professional Communication from Royal Roads in 2014. And most recently, she obtained a Gallup Strengths Coach training and certification in 2021 and joined ICF Vancouver Chapter in 2022.

Oksana brings broad and progressive work experience supporting Canadian and International operations in various business sectors. Through her many roles, Oksana’s focal point has always been the customer experience and people-first approach. Being an immigrant herself and working extensively with people of all cultural backgrounds has led her to become a Cross-cultural Career Coach.

Oksana’s personality, life experience, passion to serve and desire to inspire others, are the foundation to building strong, collaborative and long-lasting relationships. Her natural curiosity and respectful approach allow her to quickly adjust to new environments, promoting a positive impact to any organization, team, or project, achieving overall success.

Outside of work, Oksana is a life-long learner who likes to explore fitness, nutrition, travelling, cultures and history. She takes pride in taking on roles of a proud auntie, loyal and caring friend, trusted advisor, master of change, and a cross-cultural communicator. She values clarity and growth, appreciates diversity, inclusiveness and natural curiosity.

Statement of Interest

I am a strong believer in giving back, lifelong learning and networking. I have a diverse and multifaceted background and experiences, and love to share my knowledge within the communities I live, work, and play. As people’s person at large, my motto is “Desire to Inspire, and Passion to Serve.”

As a member of ICF Vancouver Chapter, I am looking to get involved with the organization in more ways than through learning and networking. I would really like to get an opportunity to contribute to its growth and prosperity, under the direction of senior Board members and Global ICF.

I have previous experience serving on Boards and volunteering within the non-profit sector. I have served for two years as BOD, Treasurer with the Manhattan Housing Coop, and I’m currently a Board Member at KPU Alumni Association.

Based on my previous and current experiences, I would like to be considered for the role of Co-Director of Programs.

As a former HR Leader, I have initiated, facilitated, and managed several training and development programs within the organizations I worked for. In my current venture as a Cross-cultural Career Coach, I am heavily invested in social media and communications for my professional brand, I hold a BA in Professional Communication from Royal Roads university, and I’m always supplementing my knowledge through courses and further education. I believe that getting involved with ICF Vancouver in the Programs capacity would be mutually beneficial for both the chapter and for myself.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my candidacy.


Srisesha Varikheti



Srisesha is a national award-winning author. His book ( A.L.L.I.E.D – Accelerated Learning Lesson In Education Development) has reached over 80,000 individuals, including teachers and students, with a rating of 4.5 on Amazon and Goodreads.

With his ACC certification, he has spent more than 2500+ hours providing coaching to not-for-profit leaders, teachers, and youth from the economically weaker section of society. Further, he has worked closely with the Indian government to implement his leadership coaching program for school leaders, which is now being implemented in 5 states in India, impacting over 800+ schools.

His book was also recognized for multiple awards: 1) Sahitya Kosh Samman, 2) Best Education Book by Literary fairytale magazine, 3) Rabindra Nath Tagore Honouree 4) Book Honour for World Book day. Srisesha has also been an Honorary guest speaker at Literary Fest and has addressed more than 3000 budding writers.

He became passionate about coaching and empowering individuals while teaching kids from the economically challenged part of society as a part of “The teach for India fellowship program.” He led 200 kids in 2 years and has worked extensively to raise funds, support the kids, and provide them with access and exposure to the outside world. Furthermore, Srisesha has obtained certifications in Neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional Intelligence, and organizational development and has used behavior analysis strategies to create his program – Accelerated Learning.

Statement of Interest

As a highly skilled coach and an educator from India, my experience aligns well with the mentioned roles, and I know I would make a valuable addition to the team. I have eight years of work experience coaching, designing, and implementing leadership training programs for the underprivileged in India. I have taught for two years in an economically challenged section of society. 

With International Coaching Federation’s Associate Coach Certification and my experience managing teams and projects from various sectors, I believe I can significantly contribute to the ICF Vancouver as Treasurer. 

I value the highly motivating and challenging work environment to learn new skills and handle people. I am highly organized, self-motivated, and able to provide coaching to individuals adhering to the guidelines of the International Coaching Federation. After executing multiple successful projects, I have advanced knowledge in submitting deliverables on time, strategic analysis, and building strong relationships with stakeholders, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved. I have further conducted 2500+ hours of individual leadership coaching and have implemented programs to tackle education inequity in India. 

I excel at : 

  • Coaching 1:1, Group Coaching, Leadership Coaching 
  • Designing, Implementing, and Standardizing training programs 
  • Researching, Conducting Analysis and Publishing detailed reports
  • Managing Daily operations and overall progress • Outlining project scopes, managing timelines, and deadlines 
  • Training, facilitating teams for capacity building 
  • Content & Curriculum development 
  • Designing & Establishing Processes for smooth flow of operations 
  • Supporting business functions with accurate analysis and timely reports

In addition to my experience, I am passionate about empowering individuals to ensure they achieve their vision and attain clarity. I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to ICF Vancouver’s ongoing growth and continued success. 


Stephen Hinds



Stephen’s senior HR leadership experience has allowed him the opportunity to lead diverse teams through all levels of organizational change, while upholding the importance of the people side of change. 

As a certified coach, educator, and facilitator, Stephen partners with leaders and teams on the impacts their thinking has on their actions during organizational conflict, organizational inclusion & belonging, leadership challenges, and team performance.  

As our world becomes more and more complex and leaders are expected to be enablers of change and guardians of culture, Stephen is driven to support those leaders in their capacity to achieve their personal best and transform their personal and their team’s leadership capabilities.   

When Stephen is not supporting leadership transformation he enjoys live theatre, hiking and travelling all over this beautiful planet of ours with his husband.  

Statement of Interest

I am interested in joining the Board as I bring previous board experience and welcome using that knowledge and experience as part of ICF Vancouver’s new Board team. I am passionate about the emerging field of coaching and incorporating equity, diversity, justice, inclusion and belonging into my practice. Strengths I would bring to the Board is a high level of organizational skills, policy development experience, strong facilitation and collaboration abilities, excellent understanding of governance and structure as well as senior organizational leadership experience.  

Additionally, the Board is taking on the direction from ICF Global of being more inclusive and incorporating EDI into the Chapter’s mandate.  I have been on the EDI task force and have enjoyed the experience and would like to assist in moving this initiative forward within ICF Vancouver.

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