Virtual Learning Lab Webinar, September 12, 11:00am – 12:00pm


MEETING THE SYSTEM – Coaching from Relationship Systems Intelligence RSI

Facilitated by Marita Fridjhon MSW, PCC,CPCC, ORSC Certified


Marita Fridjhon has identified “Team Coaching” as one of the most rapidly growing specializations within the coaching profession; an important observation as we strive to Advance the Future of Coaching.


Although we value the basic coaching skills of life/individual or executive coaching, it does require a different skill set in order for it to be effective.  Many situations described as Team Coaching, from a systems perspective, actually is closer to what might be known as Group Coaching.


In this webinar we will work on developing awareness for the difference between holding focus on the individuals within a team, vs making the Holonic shift to focusing on the collective entity of the entire team.  In coaching intelligent teams, we hold the team entity to be the client instead of the individual players within the team.  As we coach and engage with managers and leaders, it is important to bring modern Systems Thinking to bear on the vertical – personal – development as leader.


In this webinar Marita will work on developing awareness for the difference between holding focus on the individual and/or the entire team.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to coach clients to work with all their different parts as a first step
>>Create a coaching agreement around how relationship matters and that it starts with being with the self, all of the self
>>Build trust and intimacy with clients discovering their internal interdependence between their different selves
>>With powerful questions, coach clients how to leverage the strengths of different aspects of self
>>Create a bridge between the systemic approaches in coaching teams, to the systemic approach in working with individuals


Marita Fridjhon MSW, PCC, CPCC, ORSC Certified is a coach and co-author of the ICF-accredited Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC TM ) program and CEO of CRR of Global.  She has combined her professional practice and global experience to create a groundbreaking team coaching model leveraging the power of relationship systems.


The practice of Relationship Systems Coaching, as trained in the ORSC model, is currently one of the most powerful models affecting large-scale, impactful community and organizational change. Team coaches trained in ORSC are active in dozens of countries, including: South Africa, Japan, China, France, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Britain, North America and Spain, to name only some.


Marita is a popular public speaker, business consultant, master curriculum designer, and continues to hold a small practice of coaching teams and partnerships.

Tuesday, September 12 at 11:00am-12:00pm
Zoom link will be sent out after registration
Cost: $30
1.0 CCEU

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