Presenter’s Proposals

ICF-Vancouver-Speakers-Profile_edited 2017-MarchHelene Iliffe, Director of Programs

The following material will help you gain familiarity with the application process as incomplete proposals will NOT be reviewed:

Presenter Benefits


ICF Vancouver provides Presenters with the opportunity to:


  1. Build their Presenter and professional portfolio
  2. Network with others in the coaching community
  3. Engage in a collaborative learning experience in which both Presenters and participants benefit
  4. Contribute to the coaching community and the development, promotion and advancement of the coaching profession.

Meeting Dates


Chapter meetings take place every second Tuesday of the month from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at Vancouver Club (September to May), with 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of the meeting time being allocated to the presentation.

Presenter Eligibility Requirements


To be selected, a Presenter must:


  • have a pre-existing track record of delivering interactive workshops to a group of 85+ people and receive consistently positive reviews
  • be a practicing coach or have an in-depth understanding of the coaching profession
    give a topic/area of expertise that is relevant for coaches: ie., developing coaching competencies and/or building a successful coaching business
  • have the proper qualifications and background to present on the proposed topic
  • be able to clearly and specifically articulate the learning outcomes of the session – ie., by the end of the session, participants will…
  • have a pre-established marketing platform and marketing reach
  • be fluent in English
  • and it would be helpful for the Presenter:
    to have or be eligible for an ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC).

Related Content

The ICF Vancouver Chapter is a community of coaching professionals who are passionate about ongoing growth and development. A presenter’s content must be related to ICF Core Competencies, as well as help practicing coaches build a fulfilling, ethical and profitable practice.


Link to ICF Core Competencies


Proposed content should also:


  • be interactive and engaging, with opportunity for group discussion and Q&A
  • address a hot topic, current challenge or trend
  • emphasize the ongoing growth and professional development of the coach
  • offer strategies and tools with real-life examples, case studies and practical exercises
  • consider the current state of the economy and it’s possible impact on the coaching profession.
  • Address at least some of the categories (preference will be given to proposals that fit multiple categories):
    • Personal development of the coach
    • Business development and marketing
    • Other skills and tools directly applicable to coaching
    • ICF Coaching Core Competencies

Your Proposal

  • Title and overview (about 200 words)
  • Learning objectives (3-6 SMART goals)
  • Strategies and tools (3-6 tools or strategies participants will practice with or take away)
  • Target audience description and level (emerging, mid-level, or senior)
  • Preferred format – in person, online webinar, phone call
  • Equipment and support required from ICF
  • Presenter name(s), contact information and bio(s) (about 280 words)
    Qualification summary(s) (including education, designations, awards, and publications)
  • References/Testimonials – two or three references/testimonials that attest to your expertise on the proposed topic and your presentation style/skills.
  • Please include if available: A link to a short video (approx. 10 minutes) of you presenting some of your material.

Presenter Proposal Application – to be downloaded

When you have gathered your information, please download and complete the ICF Speakers Profile and once completed forward a copy to Helene Iliffe, Director of Programs


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