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CoachingWise is a designation recognizing commitment to build and sustain a coaching culture through organizational and leadership beliefs and practices that reflect coaching as a strategic business driver.

At the heart of CoachingWise is evidence-based research conducted over the past 20 years, highlighting the reach and impact of coaching at the levels of individual, team and organizational performance.

In order to build a strong coaching culture, organizations must first build a case for coaching as a critical talent management tool.  The overarching goal is to assist employees at all levels to achieve tangible business results, improve their leadership skills, and unlock their potential to grow as individuals.

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The designation is based on the CoachingWise Maturity Model which highlights three stages of developing a coaching culture: Building – Embedding – Transforming.


CoachingWise Maturity Model


The CoachingWise Maturity Model was developed through a consultative coach approach involving multiple stakeholders, a best practice review of data from ICF and qualitative reports, findings from thought leader and academic research, and lived experiences and practices contributed by credible organizations whose knowledge attests to the importance of ‘starting somewhere and going everywhere’ when building and sustaining a coaching culture.


CoachingWise benefits individuals, the organizations in which they work, and the wider professional of coaching.


The value of CoachingWise can be measured by organizational performance and productivity, employee engagement, team effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.  It can also deliver benefits through authentic leaders who create the space for different kinds of conversations to take place; courageous conversations that foster people to dare greatly, dig deep, and thrive.


Coaching transforms organizational cultures because coaching conversations are transformational.  CoachingWise organizations experience these benefits and others every day.


Here’s what else organizations tell us they receive from being CoachingWise:

1. A positive profile and ability to demonstrate a commitment to employees

2. Recruitment and retention advantages and a source of pride as an employer of choice

3. Access to a diverse Community of Practice to support ongoing development:

  • Exchange best practice
  • Reflect on the perspectives of others
  • Develop trusted mentoring relationships
  • Share ideas to allow growth and mastery to flow
  • Where each member is considered an expert and a valuable contributor
  • Internal and external credibility as an organization that delivers results through coaching
  • Recognition from the International Coaching Federation

CoachingWise is a continuous improvement initiative that invites organizations to further develop through active involvement and co-creation of a CoachingWise Community of Practice (CoP).


As a CoachingWise CoP member, you will share your best practices and tap into the community’s own ‘wisdom in the room’ through quarterly dialogue sessions.  ICF’s role will be to facilitate the dialogue to generate new perspectives, and trusted peer mentoring relationships.


The goal of the CoachingWise Community of Practice is to create space for meaningful conversations about sustaining and building momentum within your unique organizational culture.


These peer-to-peer dialogues are hosted on a rotating basis by CoachingWise member organizations and attended by one or more representatives from your organization.

The CoachingWise program is based on a self-nomination process which consists of two components:

  1. CoachingWise Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), a set of questions corresponding to the three levels within the CoachingWise designation requirements; and linked to ICF research, core competencies and leadership research; and a
  2. Statement of Commitment


Download the CoachingWise Roadmap and Application forms here:

CoachingWise Application Forms


Thank you for your interest in CoachingWise. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss CoachingWise further, please let us know at


CoachingWise FAQs Answered HERE.


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