Catherine Wiggins

  • Membership Renewal – what’s in it for you?

    It’s here again.  Renewal Time.  $245 US Dollars.  And the exchange rate – ouch!  So, what is the value to you, as a member, of spending your Canadian Dollars on ICF Membership?  Well as it happens, lots! So I pay...

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  • Focus on Membership – have you always wanted to Blog?

    Blogging.  Do you need to blog on your website or not?  The jury is undecided.  We often hear of coaches that find the effort of providing informative and unique articles on a regular basis to be overwhelming.  Recently, at an...

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  • Invest In Yourself – Focus On Membership

    I’m Catherine Wiggins, your Membership Director for 2016-2018. I’ve taken over from Donna Howes, who many of you will know as a passionate supporter of the ICF Vancouver Chapter. Donna works tirelessly to serve our members and has now handed...

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