2017 ICF Vancouver Chapter Board Strategy Session – A Summary

February 26, 2017 by

It is customary for the Board to meet semi-annually to devote attention to the Chapter’s vision and strategy.

As a reminder, the ICF Vancouver Chapter Vision is:


“To have the biggest pool of highly trained, engaged, successful and credentialed professional coaches that are connected to the community, in Canada.  To be the “model of excellence” for ICF Chapters globally.”


I have been part of this tradition for the last 3½ years, in various Chapter roles, and always enjoy the enthusiasm and creativity Board Members bring to the sessions.  This year, as your President, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight our focus areas for 2017.


The ICF Vancouver Chapter Board met on 14 January 2017 and we dedicated a full day to review our vision and select strategic themes for the upcoming year. Our VP, Ceyda Gultan, shared the 7S framework that facilitated our conversation. We also discussed and agreed how we each wanted to show up as a Board Member, and agreed on our team norms and names that reflects our top values.


We developed 4 strategic thrusts for 2017:


1.  Enhance Engagement (members / organisations / community);

2. Technology Integration;

3.  Chapter Growth;

4.  ICF Brand Enhancement.



Based on our strategic thrusts we then worked a level down to individual portfolios and started to identify their Top 3 Goals for 2017.  As we continue to fine tune these, we will provide more updates in coming newsletters.  In the meantime, we’re now focused on finalizing portfolio budgets and aim to provide another stellar year for our members.


Mandasmita Singh – President ICF Vancouver Chapter

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